Importance of Traveling

Importance of Traveling

Traveling means going from one place to another or from one country to another. The instinct of roaming about is rooted in man’s nature. This instinct leads a man to see the unseen, to know the unknown and to unveil the mystery. Traveling is immensely beneficial. Nowadays, it is also regarded as a part of education. Travelling has special importance for students. Many of the things they learn in textbooks can be practically understood when they visit various places.

There is a wise saying that “Home-keeping youths have ever homely wits”. It means that a man, who passes his life in one place and never leaves his place to visit other places, has a very narrow outlook. Traveling widens our view. Besides, it gives us pleasure. From cutting down on stress to lowering your chances of developing heart disease, the health benefits of traveling are huge. It is the most effective way to get rid of monotonous life. Furthermore, traveling fosters understanding between nations. It is an important factor in establishing world peace. Finally, traveling has great educative value.

Travelling and education both are interrelated. During traveling, a traveler visits different places and comes into contact with people in different regions, their traditions, cultures, and ways of life. Thus it provides the traveler with first-hand knowledge. The knowledge we acquire in schools and colleges is mainly bookish in nature. It may add to our learning without enhancing our real sagacity. In most cases, bulk theoretical studies have no practical applications in our life. Travelling can remove this gap because true education takes place outside the classroom. Bookish knowledge can be made perfect and meaningful only by traveling.

Travelling is to gather experience, and wisdom comes from experience. The benefit of traveling to a new place is that it forces you to face the unknown and think differently. We have read the majesty of the Himalayas, the vastness of the ocean and the beauty of the Taj Mahal from books. But we can know much more of them if we see those with our own eyes. It impresses our mind with the vastness, grandeur, majesty, and wonder of God’s creation. Traveling helps the traveler to know how the wonderful earth is full of natural beauty. In a word, education, in the true sense of the term, maybe complete and perfect only by traveling. Traveling gives you an insight into the different lifestyle, society, and cultures and makes the whole world your neighbor.

In fine, it can be said that traveling removes boredom and essentially has a great educative value. Traveling is adventurous, exciting, enlightening and a great stress buster. So, educational institutions of our country should give greater facilities to their students to undertake tours to various places of importance at home and abroad. Thus, traveling, good training for success in the struggle of life should be made an essential part of our education. Seeing the world with your own very eyes will give you a better learning experience than any book can provide.