Influences of Films

Influences of Films

Everything on earth has more or less influence over time. The inner instincts of a man are keen on something for some reasonable reasons. He is sharply influenced by them. Films are entertaining the sources of entertainment, pleasure, and enjoyment. Hence they have an influence over all people who enjoy films.

Nowadays, films in some ways affect people’s lifestyles especially teenagers. Films have an influence on our social, national, personal, individual life as they provide mental recreations. They are now an important topic of discussion among the people. Most of the teenagers are influenced by movies and addicted to some illegal activities. Their influence on the audience, viewers is deep and abiding. The viewers or the audience have their liking heroes and heroines. They have become sick of them.

Many people begin to argue that movies are positive or negative to society for various reasons. Newspapers, magazines, and pictorials are full of articles, comments, reviews, pictures and features related to films and people are connected with them. To enjoy films has become a craze among youngsters. The spreading of television has also popularised films all over the world.

The cinema is one of the most lucrative and much sought after of all industries. It helps to spread awareness of social evils and their remedies. The actors and actresses show us the ways and means of eradicating superstitions, blind beliefs, prejudices, and other unwanted and unsought evils. It is a good means of forming public opinion on social, political and national issues. Educational films help students in increasing their knowledge. All good and decent films may go a long way to bury some social evils like dowry, casteism, communalism hatred, untouchability, etc.

More films of today are full of cheap songs, light plots, sexy dances, scenes of sexual abuses, violence, etc. Many crimes are committed daily because of the influence of films. These films have increasingly been used as an instrument of destruction and disintegration of human personality. The movies are responsible for crimes such as theft, burglaries, kidnappings, murders, assassinations, hijackings, cheatings, juvenile delinquencies, etc.

To sum it up, it seems that cinema movies will give a positive and negative influence on youths. It is the need of the hour that films should no longer be allowed to become the school for scandals. Filmmakers should follow social obligations. The scenery depicting women as victims of rapes or fornications, sexual abuses should consciously be avoided to save the youngsters.