Memo Format for Teachers Workshops in Summer Vacation

Memo Format for Teachers Workshops in Summer Vacation

For: Principal

Section Heads


Of: School/College Name.

Subject: Teachers’ workshops in Summer Vacation

The hail of workshop is in the pipelines again! Summer vacation is, as always, utilized for professional development of the teachers that will help in the betterment of the student’s’ academic career. For professional development of the teachers the studious workshop schedule has been formulated and keeping in mind the previous years’ work load and training schemes the IPD has decided to put forth this year’s Training Sessions.

Kindly note down the schedule and after signing from the respective bodies send it back to our HR department.

Date & Day                                  Workshop Title                                         Respective Teachers

Date: xx-xx-xx                               Interactive Teaching Style                            Language Teachers

Date: yy-yy-yy                               Leadership Guide                                           Games Teachers

Date: zz-zz-zz                                Communication Skills                                    Coordinators

Date: mm-mm-mm                     How to teach Literature                                 Language Teachers

Date: nn-nn-nn                            Dealing with Disruptive                                  Science Teachers

We wish you and your administrative as well as teaching staff a very good training sessions. Please note down the venues and timings detail as well.

Venues: Auditorium Hall C

Timings: Auditorium Hall C (Time)

Kindest Regards,



Dated: xx-xx-xx