Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Many great souls and philanthropists were born and died in the world. All of them rendered their services to the well-being of mankind. Mother Teresa needed in the past, needs no further introduction at present to the nations of the world. Among the great and immortal souls, she was one. She is also known as “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta”.

Mother Teresa was Roman Catholic nun moved to Calcutta’s slum “to serve God among the poorest of the poor”. She was born at Agnes in Yugoslavia of Albanian parents on August 27 in 1910. Her original name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She became a Nun in Ireland at the age of eighteen. She came to India and settled herself permanently here in India. She was known to the world people as Albanian by birth and parentage but later she became an Indian by choice. She also became an Indian citizen in 1948.

For imparting education to girls or to keep them away from ignorance and darkness she willingly took up teachership and served in the congregation schools. Then she served as a teacher in convent schools near Calcutta/Kolkata for two decades. At last, she became the principal of St Augustin’s Day School for Girls. Mother Teresa realized her sincere work in serving the poorer and weaker students.

She founded the orders of the Missionaries of Charity with untiring zeal and efforts. But today the mission has 160 centers in India alone which include charitable dispensaries, homes for lepers, TB clinics, home for unwanted women and children and a home for dying people and the have-nots. Her Nirmal Hridaya is the best-known mission all over the world.

Mother Teresa was a devoted soul. She was especially familiar with her sincere devotion to compensate for the lepers, suffering humanity, deprived men and women. She became remarkable for serving the dying and living in abject poverty. She also served the slum-dwellers with more sincerity throughout her in a way as she only died. Unlucky and ill-fed people had an opportunity to bathe in her motherly affection.

Mother Teresa had a firm belief in the eternity of the soul. Her love and compassion were all-inclusive and pervading, though she was a Catholic Christian. Her spirit of service and kindness transcended all barriers of castes, creed, sex, nations, etc. She reached or appeared before all those who required her help, love, affection, kindness, compassion, and service. She saw God’s existence and presence in all the people and served them to consider her brothers, sisters and the children of God. To serve the servants of God, she meant, to serve God.

Mother Teresa’s matchless or unparalleled service and sacrifice were highly appreciated by people all over the world. She was shown/ showered upon honors and titles including the Nobel Peace Prize/Nobel Prize for Peace, 1979 and the Bharat Ratna in 1980.

Universities also felt proud in conferring on her honorary doctorate degrees. In 1971 Pope Paul awarded her the first Pope Jon XXII Peace Prize. She was given the honorary citizenship of several countries in the world. Her International Understanding brought her Jawahar Lal Nehru Award. She also became a legend by dint of her unselfish love, compassion, and charity.
Her death: Mother Teresa’s demise on 5th September 1997 created a huge void. It was a tragic loss to the entire humanity in general. Her death ended a chapter of history and closed an era The passing away of this saint of the guitars at the age of 87 years plunged millions of people into sorrow and mourning and orphaned thousands of people.

She devoted her life in the service of humanity. She will be no more but her achievements will remain living and fresh.  She adopted a simple living style. Paying a rich tribute to Mother Teresa KR Narayanan, the president of India said: “Such as one as her but rarely walks upon the earth.”