My Favorite Activity – an Open Speech

My Favorite Activity – an Open Speech

The place where I live is just a stone’s throw away from the sea. Ever since Dad took up a job on Penang island ten years ago, we have been living in Dad’s ideal house that faces the sea. As he was born and bred in a fishing village, the sea had always been part and parcel of his life. My siblings and I also share the same affinity for the sea.

School, assignments, and household chores usually keep us busy during weekdays. However, come weekends, there is nothing more exciting than the sea to lure us to its beaches. My favorite spot is a secluded one not far from my house. Nestled among tall coconut trees, it offers an impressive view of the beach. Here, I will spend hours sunbathing on the dazzling, white sand.

The waves race towards the shore with its frothy white foam. It is a beautiful sight to behold. I am reminded of the splendor of nature. The lapping of the waves and the sounds they make upon reaching the shore reminds me of the swishing of skirts by a row of dancing maidens. It sounds like an orchestra in performance.

I am always in awe of the different sounds made by the tireless wind. Sometimes, it is a gentle breeze that caresses my skin and ruffles my hair. Sometimes, it sounds like a beloved’s soft murmur. At other times, however, the wind sounds disgruntled as it shrieks and howls. Then, I can feel its sting as it blows my hair onto my face.

However, I am not alone on the beach. Along the edge of the water, I can see tiny hermit crabs scurrying about aimlessly on the sandy beach. Once in a while, a flock of birds will soar above me, flapping their wings gracefully as if they do not have a care in the world.

I am content to spend hours at length at the beach. However, as the aroma of Mum’s cooking wafts in the air, I am suddenly aware of my hunger pangs. I head for home, knowing that the beach will still be there tomorrow.


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