Paragraph On Love

“Love” is the highest expression of the human heart. In love, there is no selfishness, anger, and jealousy. Love is all about caring and sharing. In love, one does not see the other’s faults and follies. Love is a noble human quality. Love makes one think of another’s happiness and contentment rather than one’s own. Where there is love there is harmony, peace, and joy. Care, concern, and affection are expressed by one who loves.

In love, there is a sacrifice without any expectations from the one who is loved. In fact, the sacrifice does not seem to be a trouble at all. Likewise, where there is love, duty does not seem to be a bother. The happiness of the loved one is more important than one’s own happiness. In love, there is no selfishness.

Human Relationships Thrive On Love –

The love between humans in different relationships is expressed in different ways. Parents love their children. Next, to God, there is none other like a father or like a mother, it is said. The love of parents for their children is unselfish. Parents love their children without any expectations. Children too love their parents.

In a family, the members love each other. This keeps a family together in harmony and joy. Siblings love each other. There may be small differences between brothers and sisters in a family, but love binds siblings together very strongly. In marriage too it is love that keeps a husband and wife together in harmony and happiness.

Love is also shared between friends. Good friends are well-wishers with whom one shares one’s innermost thoughts and feelings. That is how friends share a relationship of love and joy.

One who serves one’s motherland also shows the love of the nation. One who loves one’s country is willing to sacrifice one’s comforts and wealth for the welfare of the nation and its people. Similarly, it is love that makes one sacrifice for any noble cause. Love is indeed the noblest virtue we can give expression to.