Paragraph On Road Accidents/Street Accidents

There are many causes of road accidents the effects of which are very tragic. One of the major reasons is reckless driving. Drivers drive so desperately that they often lose control of their vehicles and cause an accident. Also, there are many, defective vehicles on the road. These vehicles lose balance and cause an accident. Again, there are some drivers who are inexpert. They somehow collect driving license through bribery. These drivers cannot control their vehicles properly and cause accidents. Some accidents occur because of bad roads. In Bangladesh, many roads are very unsafe. Vehicles ply on these roads with great risk, and often there are accidents. The effects of road accidents are dangerous. Accidents snatch valuable lives. Some families become helpless when the earning members die in the accident. Some people become crippled and disabled due to accidents. Their lives become so miserable that they suffer the pains of hell. Some measures can be taken to control road accidents. Roads and streets need to be constructed on a proper plan. Modern system of traffic control should be introduced and reckless driving should be dealt with exemplary punishment. Defective vehicles should be removed. The driving license should be issued honestly and duly. Only then, we can hope for a better future regarding roads and transportation.