Paragraph On Technical/Vocational Education And General Education

There are some similarities and differences between technical/vocational education and general education. Technical education is very much skill-oriented or job oriented. On the other hand, general education is degree oriented. In general education, one earns a higher degree such as BBA, MBA or any other higher degree but does not learn any sufficient skill to do things practically. As a result, someone who has general education may not get any job. He may remain unemployed and so may become a burden to his family. On the other hand, someone who has vocational or technical education does not remain unemployed. If he does not get a job lie can be self-employed because he has the required skill to earn something. General education only builds some clerks and officers but technical education builds skilled workers and professionals. For a country’s development technical education is more necessary than general education. But it is true that in Bangladesh people still prefer general education, to technical education. This attitude should be changed; otherwise, the development of our country will be hampered.