Paragraph On A Railway Station

A railway station is a place where trains stop for the passengers to get into and get off from the train. It is a busy place. It becomes very busy because of the arrival of the trains. Here the passengers are found to stand in a queue to collect their tickets in front of the ticket counter. A big station is always crowded with passengers, hawkers, and posters. The railway station holds a police-station inside it. The railway police personnel are there to check the crimes within a certain jurisdiction on the railways. The railway station provided the regular mail service. The Railway restaurant provides meals and refreshments at the rates fixed by the Government.  There are bookstalls, book-sellers and waiting rooms in such a stations. Vendors shout their trade cries. When a train reaches at the station, the passengers hurry to get off from the train. At the same time, passengers waiting for the train want to get into the train. As a result, a collision of two groups of passengers takes place. The whistling sound of the departing train creates a situation of vacuum in the minds of the passengers. When the train leaves the station, it becomes deserted and the buzzing sound of the passengers ends. Outside the Railway Station, spots have been earmarked for parking of buses, taxis, rickshaw, and bicycles. Near about we find the residential quarters of the employees. There are club-house, lawns, parks playgrounds, dispensary and schools too, for the Railwaymen employed at the station.  A railway station is often a den for the anti-social elements. It is a suitable place for the beggars to carry on their trade. It is an unhygienic place too. The authority should look into it.