Pastime is leisure time pursuits. In order to maintain a balance between the body and mind, and to keep them fit for work, the pastime is very necessary for all. In the absence of pastime of any kind the life of the people irrespective of age, religion, profession, etc. will be futile and meaningless. People like to enjoy their leisure time deliberately and spontaneously. It keeps a man engaged to an attractive thing and saves him from the evil path. There are many kinds of pastimes for men to pursue along with their daily duties. The common leisure pursuits of the young people of Bangladesh include taking part in games and sports, rowing boats, swimming, visiting different places, enjoying cinemas and watching TV programs. The leisure pursuits of the old arc morning walk, visiting neighbor’s house and watching TV. The mode of pastime varies from person to person, country to country, etc. The Chinese spend their pastimes visiting parks and enjoying acrobatic performances. Baseball, golf and martial arts such as judo and karate arc especially popular pastimes with men in Japan. In Canada, skiing, fishing, boating, swimming, hunting, hiking, camping, and bird-watching are popular pastimes. Traveling, dancing in the clubs, long drive, hiking, walking, visiting families, friends and relatives are the common pastimes in Germany. However, watching TV is the most common pastime all over the world. My favorite pastime is reading books. The books of Muhammed Zafar Iqbal attract me most.