Recommendation Letter Format for Senior Teacher

Recommendation Letter Format for Senior Teacher

Date: xx-xx-xx

To Whom It May Concern

I come to know that (Name: XYZ) has applied in your institution/organization as a senior teacher. In our institute he/she was working as a senior teacher in since last five years. I am pleased to recommend him/her for your institution/organization. The management is highly satisfied with his/her teaching skills along with his/her polite and good conduct.

He/She bears a great and intensified personality. We have never got any negative feedback from students. Being a senior teacher he/she was the member of institution’s/organization’s management and has organized many events, which were always up to the mark. We have evaluated his/her work and it should be said that he/she did immense contribution in education our students. My complete support is with him/her, as his/her skills are not negligible.

He/She is exceptionally devoted towards teaching and we respect him/her in this regard. You will him/her in the form of qualified and talented teacher which you will definitely experience. His/Her ethics and activeness are considered remarkable. He/She have to leave our institution/organization due to some personal problems of him/her; we are definitely going to miss him/her. He/She will be an asset for you.

Warm regards,

Name: ZZZ


Institution Name: