Refund Request Letter regarding your dissatisfaction

Refund Request Letter regarding your dissatisfaction

[Below briefly describe on sample Refund Request Letter regarding your dissatisfaction. The objective of writing this letter is to request a refund from a company from where you have purchased a product. Through this letter, you can strongly put forward your point regarding your dissatisfaction with the product and the reason for returning the same. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]


(Sender’s name and address)

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on which letter is written)


(Receiver’s name and address)

Sub: Refund Request due to dissatisfactory purchased a product

Dear (Name),

This is to bring to your kind attention that we have recently purchased a (Product name and type) from your store but we are sorry to inform you that we are totally disappointed with the quality of the same. (Describe in your words). We have gone through the manual and charged the product as per the instructions, but still, nothing worked out. In spite of various positive reviews regarding the product, we are not satisfied with the same. (Explain the actual problem and situation).

Thereby, we are returning the product and would request you to refund the amount at the earliest. (Describe your requirements). Hope you understand and would take prompt action in this regard. We are not interested in any replacement, as of now.

Yours truly,

Your Name…

Contact Information and Signature…


Another Format, (Email format)

To: (Receiver)

From: (Sender)

Sub: Refund Letter due to dissatisfactory product

Dear (Name),

I regret to inform you that the (Electronic item name) I bought from you last (date) leads to great disappointment. I was thinking about buying this (Electronic item) for a long time. (Describe in your words). Before the purchase, I conducted research, and it seems great according to the information I obtained through the Internet. As I opened it from the box, it wasn’t working. (Explain the actual problem and situation).

Even after charging, nothing changed. I waited for two days, hoped that the situation would change but in vain. I faced the same problem today. (Describe all about the situation). Therefore, I am returning you the (Electronic item name) and kindly ask you to refund me the funds in a full amount. (Describe your requirements). Currently, I am not interested in any replacement.

Hope for your understanding.

Truly yours,

Your Name…

Contact Information…