Request Application for Free Medical Treatment

Request Application for Free Medical Treatment

The President/CEO/G. Manager,

Institute/Organization name….


Subject: Request for Free Medical Treatment

Respected Mr. ABC,

I am writing to inform you that I am appointed as (Job Designation…..) in this organization since last year. I am a hard-working and industrious person and upon my sincerity I’ve received an increment two month ago. Sir, I intend to write up because of a serious subject. About yesterday, I was on duty and was travelling in order to dispatch the letters and within a blink of eye I met an accident (Show your causes…). Unfortunately, the severity is intense and I’ve broken my left leg and left arm. I was instantly admitted to nearby hospital owing to serious condition of mine.

Currently, they have asked for operation and for this I’ve to deposit lump-sum hospital fee. Sir, I am needy person and I am not capable to afford this expenditure. Therefore, I request you for my free medical treatment. I hope you’ll help me out in this hour of need.  The hospital bills are attached with the letter. I hope you’ll judge my application.




Contact: 000-000-000