Resignation Letter Format for the Post of Manager

Resignation Letter Format for the Post of Manager

Date: xx-xx-xx

Name: XYZ




Subject: Resignation Letter for Manager Post

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is stated that, I have faced a lot of panic and unrest in our official working and environment for last few months. I also feel that some people in the office accuse me for this situation whereas, I am totally confident in its apposing. As per my discussion with you, you have always been a kind, cooperative and professional boss, I have decided to request you to release me from my duty of Manager.

I request you to treat this request a prior intimation which I am officially bound to provide a month before leaving this job. I have served this company/organization for almost four years with complete devotion and I am confident that my services will always be remembered in good memories. I also want to state that I never committed any wrong which might have broken the chain of command in GET, which I am said to be accused of.

Still my best wishes are with company/organization & its family and I wish best of luck to this beloved company/organization that allowed me to enhance and polish my abilities. My heartiest thanks for your kind personality, the most respectful members of board, for their love and care.

I hope this Company/Organization will flourish and spread the light of education to the needy, what this company/organization is based at.

True regards,

Name: ZZZ

Designation/Position: Manager