Sample Change of Address Letter to Post Office

Sample Change of Address Letter to Post Office

[Here briefly focus on sample Request letter to inform the official purpose, to Post Office for a change of your residential address for further communications/letters and shipments. You can modify this format as your requirement.]


The Manager,

General Post Office,


Sub: Change of Address Letter

Respected Sir,

I’m writing this to inform you that I have just recently relocated to (Area and address name) and have permanently left from my current residence located in (Area name and address).

Kindly advise your team to update my contact information and send any further correspondence to my new address given below:

  • Name…
  • Address no., flat or building no.,
  • Street no.,
  • Area name and city name.

Please note that I’m expecting some very important documents to be delivered from overseas in the coming week so kindly take a quick action in this regard to avoid any delays in the post to reach my new address.

Your usual cooperation and understanding will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,



Contact no. and signature…