Sample Format for Employee Joining Form

Sample Format for Employee Joining Form 

[This is a Sample Format for Employee Joining Form. You can also follow this sample as New Staff Joining Form for companies to hire new staff and staff record management for HR departments. This joining form based on three sections. The first sections include hiring company information like company name, address. The second section includes the personal bio-data of the applicant. The third section includes Qualification, Post, recommendations by the HR Department, etc. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.]

Employee Joining Form

“Company Name”

Address of Company or Office — — —

Dated: DD/MM/YY

Interview for the post of – Job Post/Designation…

Name of Candidate Mr/Ms.: Name of the candidate…

S/O: Father/parents name…

Res. / O: Home/present address…

*** *** ***

Contact No.: — — — — — Cell: — — — — —

Qualification: (List all educational Qualification….)

*** *** ***

Selection Committee has selected — — — — —

Mr. (Candidate name) For the post of (Job Designation)

In pay scale of (Salary amount) Dated (DD/MM/YY) as Regular / Trainee…


HC Manager — — — — —

Assistant HC Manager — — — — —

Chief Executive — — — — —