Sample Salary Slip Format

Sample Salary Slip Format

Basic Salary, house rent, conveyance allowances, over time, bonus, medical exp, and insurance, other increments included in format


Organization Name:                                                   Month and Year:
Employ ID:               Name: XYZ                         Department:                        Designation:

Salary for __ Days____________


Pay & AllowancesDeductionsOther Details
Basic: ____

House Rent:_______

Conveyance:________ C.L.A._______


Other Allowances:_________ Special:_______

Over Time:_____________ Arrears:______



Other DED 2______

E OBI-______

Allowances details


Gross ___________Total DED ________Net ________

Salary Credited to Your Account:_______________

Bank Name: _______________________

Branch and Address:___________________________________________

Accountant                                       Finance Director                                  Chairmen