Sample Scholarship Award Letter Format

Sample Scholarship Award Letter Format

[The scholarship is an essential method of helping a student, who lacks proper financial backing, to pursue his studies further. Here briefly describe on Sample Scholarship Award Letter Format. Thus while awarding a student with a scholarship, the authority needs to tactfully present to the former the good news. A letter will be perfect for the accomplishment of the job. You can make changes as per your requirements.]


Sender’s name…


Date: DD/MM/YY (the letter was written on this date)


Receiver’s Name…


Sub: Regarding the scholarship awarded to the person concerned.

Dear (name of the person concerned),

We feel deeply satisfied to share with you that you have been bestowed with the (name of the scholarship) scholarship that you had applied for. (Describe in your words). The renewal of this scholarship is contingent upon your timely completion of the annual economic help application method and is based in part on your proceeded illustrated financial need. (Explain all about the situation). The (issuing department) department of economic help has been notified of your selection and will supply you with a modified economic help accolade letter. (Describe with formal way).

We are assured that your academic, personal, and religious development will extend throughout your undergraduate studies at our institution. (Cordially describe your recommendation and requirements). As a scholarship recipient, we know that you will carry on the tradition of excellence that has become synonymous with this accolade.



Signature of the Sender…


Another Format, [Email Format]

To: Receiver Mail Address,

From: Sender Mail Address,

Subject: Scholarship Award Letter

Dear Mr./Ms. (Name of the Receiver),

Congratulations! We are very glad to inform you that you are one of the shortlisted candidates for the grant of (scholarship name and type) from our esteemed university for the year 20xx (Season). (Describe in your words). Your yearly scholarship will be sent in three payments of (Money amounts). As soon as you get the confirmation of enrollment, the first part of the grant will be sent to you. (Describe all about the situation). The second payment will be made at the beginning of the second semester. The last will be done at the start of the fall semester. (Explain all about terms and policy).

The (Scholarship name and type) has come into existence through the dedication from the (Foundation/ organization name) which has donated (Money amount) to our university and made this happen for the deserving students like you to pursue their education peacefully. (Cordially describe your recommendation and requirements). We hope that this scholarship will fulfill your dreams and let you study well without any financial worries.

Welcome to our University. We wish you all the success.



Contact Info. of the Sender…