School Life

School Life

School is said to be a temple of knowledge. In most countries, students receive at least 10-12 years of formal education before entering the job market. It is in school that students spend a major part of their growing years. It is the very first place that introduced you to the world and more so your own self. The school life is important for children as well as for the grown-up students alike. It is the formative period for everyone.

The school life is the best life. Most children enjoy going to school in the early years of schooling. A man, who has been the student, knows what school life is. During their early primary years, children will learn the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic while getting to know new friends. We get a good learning experience, self-confidence, motivation and the will to do the best. There are so many memories of school life which we remind every time. As they progress to later years in primary school, the students will be exposed to more complex subjects like History and Geography. This is to help them to understand the world better.

In secondary school, they are expected to be independent in their learning. However, it is during this time that they will experience changes physically and emotionally. The teenagers will need to adapt to these changes well as they have school projects and major examinations. It is during this time that they will make major decisions like choosing which stream to study as their decisions will influence their life career. It shapes our character, molds our mental attitudes and basic principles of life. The school prepares us to fight the battle of life valiantly.

Secondary school life will expose them to extracurricular activities that help them develop as an individual. School plays an important role in widening the out­look of students. Participation in dubs, societies, uniformed bodies and sports activities will develop their leadership skills and stimulate their interests in these activities. School provides an opportunity for the students to be disciplined. These skills and experiences will stand them in good stead in working life. From here, a student learns how to adjust himself to society at life.

The success of our future life depends on this period. School life is the time when students discover themselves while gaining skills and knowledge that would prepare them for the real world. It is up to the students to make their school life as interesting as possible, for once they pass that stage of their life, there is no turning back.