Speech on Co-curricular activities is a waste of time and money

Speech on Co-curricular activities is a waste of time and money – agree or disagree

Co-curricular activities have always been a part of any school’s curriculum. Co-curricular activities are activities that are planned for students after school through clubs and uniformed societies. Students are required to join at least one uniformed unit and a club. A student’s participation in co-curricular events after school is necessary. In my opinion, these activities play an important role in a student’s life and are therefore not a waste of time and money.

These activities are not a waste of time. First and foremost, co-curricular activities provide a broadening experience for students to learn about themselves, other people, and the community at large through the various activities organized such as camping, school trips, games, project work, and campaigns. The development of co-curricular and extracurricular programs enhances and enriches the regular curriculum during normal school days. For example, when students go on a study tour, they are given a chance to encounter situations and opportunities in the real world, beyond the school gate. After school activities have broadened the educational experience of students.

Experiencing high self-esteem throughout the school is extremely beneficial. Apart from that, co-curricular activities provide students with a chance to develop other aspects such as music, sports, and other living skills. Some students are unable to shine in the classroom but they are superb athletes and musicians. Confined to the demands of their studies, they are unable to develop their talents and maybe branded as failures.

Besides that, these activities provide leadership training for students. They get a chance to learn how to lead a team. These activities prepare students practically in the future. They learn organizational skills such as planning, budgeting and problem-solving, all of which the classroom situation may be unable to provide. They learn discipline and co-operation, tolerance and understanding. These experiences make students more attractive to universities and to potential employers.

Co-curricular activities make school-going interesting and help students to instill their talents. In addition, co-curricular activities provide an outlet for students to rest and relax after a hard day’s work. Students get to play, laugh and release their tension through the various club activities held, such as quizzes, treasure hunts, and various games. As there are many types of clubs and societies, there is almost something for everyone. Various competitions and selections are held and some students are picked to represent their schools. It also relaxes us in between our hectic academic schedules.

Participation in extracurricular activities has helped keep students out of trouble. Co-curricular activities certainly play an important role in a student’s life. Being a part of a co-curricular after school is definitely not a waste of time. Thus, co-curricular activities are definitely not a waste of time and money. Taking away co-curricular activities will have a negative impact on all schools that do so.