Speech on the school of the Future

Speech on the school of the Future

It is interesting to imagine how the school of the future will look like. I think the school of the future will be a happy place. It will be a place where happy children will be excitedly involved with learning activities which will benefit them greatly. We can not say that today’s school is absolutely bad. No. But in many years or maybe even centuries studying process at school will change completely. They will be studying in a healthy and clean environment. Teachers assess student learning through portfolios and creative performance tasks.

The school building will be clean and inviting. Students will enjoy many facilities that technology has brought them. You will have the possibility to see live each animal or plant species and at the same time, you will listen to the theoretical material about them. Shuttles will take the children from one building to another. There will be sky bridges connecting buildings and, therefore, students and teachers can access all the different facilities easily. Enhance the learning environment and teach children to be critical thinkers through the use of technology. A student may not carry big heavyweight with them instead of taking tabs and mobile.

Traditional classes when a teacher sits at the table and shares his or her knowledge with the students will definitely change. All the classrooms will be equipped with facilities of technology so that learning will be an exciting experience. School as it now has to go through great changes, because there is a huge difference between what school should be according to our mind and what it is today. There will be a chance to gain hands-on experience as students will get to go on field trips regularly. Children will learn at their own pace and thus there will be less pressure to keep up with others. Tradition classes when the teacher sits at the table and shares his or her knowledge with the pupils should disappear or change radically. A vibrant learning environment will make school an attractive place for children. They will learn and remember more through visual representations which are a proven fact.

Teachers will be facilitators and will assist children to acquire knowledge as robots or machines cannot replace the human factor. In a new school, no one will wait for fast results. Only human beings can impart feelings and ensure that students understand their role in the world as caring and responsible inhabitants of this planet. Success will become a synonym with personal goals, self-control, abilities to get over yourself. Support parent involvement in their children’s educational experience through the use of technology.

Pupils development will be based on the success concept that will include not only marks. The school of the future will make sure that the students leave school with the necessary skills to fit the employment market and be good citizens of the country. Prepare students for using technology in a post-secondary school environment including college and the professional work environment.