Thank You Letter for Acceptance Leave Application

Thank You Letter for Acceptance Leave Application

[Here briefly describe on sample Thank You Letter for Acceptance Leave Application. You can follow this sample thank you letter for approval of leave is written to express your sincere thanks towards your employer. Also writing a thank, your letter when your supervisor accepts your leave application is a great idea to show your gratitude and appreciation. You can make changes as per your requirements.]


Receiver/Higher Official name…

CEO/HR Manager, (Job Designation)

Date: DD/MM/YY


Sender/Your name…

Job Designation…

Department name…

Subject: Letter conveying gratitude for grant of leave.

Dear (Sir/name),

I wrote this letter with a deep sense of acknowledgment as a consequence of the concern for your workers and their welfare. I want to thank you for the approval of my leave which I requested a week ago. (Describe in your words). I cannot express in words how much I thank you for allowing me to visit my sick father/mother. (Show actual cause and Situation). The leave is such a great advantage on my part.

I want to tell you as well that my father/mother has begun to recover from viral fever (Disease type). I am aware that my leave will cause an increase in my work. (Cordially describe your greetings). But, in a frail attempt, I want to work extra time for me to finish my workload. (Explain your dedication to the job).

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Your name…

Contact info. and signature…


Another format, [Email Format]

From: Sender mail address,

To: Receiver mail address,

Sub: Sincere gratitude for accepting my leave application

Dear Sir,

I would like to express my sincere thanks for granting me leave for (how many days) on occasion of (Cause of leave). I truly appreciate your compassion towards your employees. (Describe in your words). You have done a great favor to me by accepting my leave. (Cordially describe your greetings).

I assure you that I will report on duty as soon as possible and I am willing to work extra hours so that the company should not suffer any loss. (Explain your dedication to the job).

I, once again, would like to express my gratitude for considering my leave application and approving the same.

Yours Sincerely,

Your name…

Job Designation and Department name…