Thanks Letter Format for Endowment Fund Donation

Thanks Letter Format for Endowment Fund Donation

Date: xx-xx-xx


Name: XYZ


(Company/Organization Name)

Subject: Thanks letter for endowment fund donation

Respected Sir/Madam,

I feel immense pleasure is stating that your Endowment Fund Donation toward our institution/organization has been used for a noble and generous cause. The institution/organization wants to thanks you for your noble gesture towards us. We firmly believe that our relation will always get stronger and better. Due to your faith in us, we have been able to serve to our best possible capacity. Your donation has been widely used for the new coming students. We want to thank you for believing on us. Our combined efforts have paved our way toward success. We in the future always want your support toward the organization. We want this relation to prosper and excel.

We are thankful to you for showing your support to us. We are positively seeing you forward with us in the years to come. Your service toward our institution/organization will always be acknowledging and you will always be remembered for your contribution.

With Best Regards,

Yours Faithfully,


Name: ZZZ

(Institution/Organization Name)