The Advantages or Merits Of Education

The advantage or merits of education cannot be described in words. It is said that education is the backbone of a nation. Education is one of the basic needs of a human being. Without education, men cannot be civilized. Education is a process by which our mind develops. In other words, education is a mental and intellectual training that helps us to meet challenges and overcome obstacles to progress. Education is a must in humans. Without education, we cannot become a complete person. It is much more than the knowledge we find in books. It is the key to all success. The standard of life depends much on education. However, despite great progress in the last few years, millions of children are still denied their right to education. Lack of access to education is one of the most certain ways of transmitting poverty from generation to generation. The necessity of education can be measured by this speech. If a man is truly educated, he will have shown how to lead a happy and useful life and to be a good citizen of the country in which he lives; even more than that a good citizen of the world. He can learn how to behave towards other human beings. By coming in touch with the active minds of his teachers and fellow students, he will have discovered what kind of mind he himself has; he will have become proud of what he knows to be right, and ashamed of doing what he knows to be wrong. An educated person knows how to earn well and how to spend well. Education teaches a man to be polite, gentle, amiable, and dedicated. An educated person is praised and honored by all.

The main aim of education is to enlighten the individual. It helps a man to be successful in life and to remove ignorance. It prepares a man to lead a happy and peaceful life. The aim of education is to overcome the obstacle in life. It helps a man to develop his/her mind. It discovers the latent talent of the individual. Education inspires a man to serve society as well as the country. It helps a man to be able to sacrifice the other’s interest. To create a complete man is one of the main aims of education. We know that illiteracy is the curse in every society. An illiterate person is a burden of the society as well as the country. He/she cannot lead a peaceful and happy life. He/she does not know how to earn well and how to spend well. Education is a must for human beings. Any kind of development is not possible without education. Therefore, everybody should be educated in life. Because it is a key to all success.