The Process of Learning English

English is called an international language. In almost all the countries there are people who can speak English. No other language than English serves the purpose of a common language through which people can communicate with one another for trade and commerce, science and education, art and literature. We should learn English for a great variety of purposes. We need English to get a good job, to go abroad, to pursue higher studies in science and technology and medicine. English is a skill-based subject. We should, therefore, learn the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The communicative approach to learning English does not require one to know or learn the definitions of grammar items. Traditional grammar has little or no place in learning English through the communicative approach. That does not imply that one can do without grammar in learning a second or foreign language. How can we use a language without knowing the different ways in which words can be grouped together to form structures and sentences? My English textbook helps me a lot in learning English. The book is written in accordance with the principles of the communicative approach. And each of the units of the book is followed by ample exercises for revision and reinforcement work. The book is very helpful for me to learn English.