Truthfulness is a unique quality of a human being. It is a great virtue as well. The habit of speaking the truth is called truthfulness. Everybody respects a truthful person. A truthful individual is like a star in our society. People can make mistakes and mistakenly tell an untruth, but a truthful person would never knowingly tell an untruth because that would be bogus. Nowadays, it is a rare quality. Truthfulness depends on firmness, sincerity, and honesty of one’s character. Lying is the opposite of truthfulness. Everyone hates a liar. Truthfulness may not make us financially rich but it brings peace of mind. A truthful person gains much more than the materialistic gain. On the other hand, a liar may succeed for a short time by his dishonesty. He/she, however, has no peace of mind. He/she cannot speak anything boldly. A liar is always timid by nature. A truthful man is bold and speaks fearlessly. He/she is not afraid of anyone except Allah. He/she can speak boldly against corruption and injustice. If a lie is told, he or she feels uneasy. His or her mind becomes restless. He or she tries to reveal the truth. A truthful person becomes happy only when the truth is established in society. Everybody should try to acquire the quality of truthfulness. Our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) was called A1-Amin for his truthfulness.