The word ‘tuition’ refers to remedial teaching in small groups. In the past, students who are weak in their studies engage the services of a tutor, one who was an expert in his field of study. Today, it is a different scenario altogether. Tuition has become a major money-spinner for many teachers. Almost every student who can afford it go for tuition and parents are willing to fork out huge sums of money just to ensure that their children are not left behind in the rat race or paper chase.

The rationale for sending students for tuition is to provide opportunities for students who are weak in certain subjects to catch up. In schools, teachers have limited time to teach students. For example, there are only five lessons per week for subjects like Mathematics and English. The time allotted is certainly insufficient for weak students to understand a particular subject. Moreover, with increasing paperwork and a load of other duties, teaching time may actually be further reduced. Teachers may rush through the syllabus leaving weaker students in the lurch. These students who have difficulty assimilating what is taught may then resort to tuition.

Nowadays, due to work commitments, parents stay away from home for the greater part of the day. Parents would then prefer to send their children to tuition classes just to keep them from getting involved in undesirable activities or just to prevent them from idling their time away. Some educated parents may be too busy to help their children with their studies. On the other hand, there are parents who are unable to help their children because they do not have a sufficient level of education. For these groups of parents, tuition is helpful.

Tuition classes, nowadays are no longer confined to small groups of students. Many tuition centers have a large enrolment. It is not uncommon to find tuition classes which have bigger enrolments than classes in schools. In such instances, students cannot get personalized attention from tutors and this defeats the whole purpose of tuition.

The authorities should come down hard on such tuition centers which are out to fleece students. Otherwise, such centers will be churning out teachers who give their wholehearted attention and devotion to tuition and slacken in school.