Unemployment Problem

Unemployment is a great problem for Bangladesh. When an adult person has no work to bring money for the subsistence of himself and the members of his family he is treated to be unemployed.

Bangladesh is a small country with a large population. This country is still known as a poor country in the world. She is struggling hard to survive with her hundreds of burning problems. Unemployment problem is one of them. Our present systems of education instead of giving any solution creates educated unemployed Youngman. In our educational system, there is no much scope of giving vocational training and technical education to a student.

There are many causes of unemployment problem in Bangladesh. These are a rapid growth of population, backwardness in industrialization, lack of capital and technology, lack of skill, lack education, a false sense of dignity, disliking for manual labor, etc. After liberation, no special care was given to the industrial sector. As a result, employment opportunities are not created.

Unemployment is a great social evil. It makes a man idle. There is a proverb that an idle brain is the workshop of the devil. And the idle person always indulges in mischief. So, unemployment leads people to various anti-social activities which hamper the normal course of social life. Besides, the lack of opportunities for employment makes people frustrated to take education. Our students and youth have a false sense of dignity and prestige of being officers. They think that service is more honorable than an independent business. People aren’t very much conscious of manual labor. This problem is also responsible for brain-drain. More importance should be given on professional, vocational and technical education. These will make an opening to work in different industrial sectors.

In order to solve the problem, we all should come ahead with patriotic zeal in a body. The first necessary thing for the solution to the problem is the industrialization of the country. It means that a large number of mills, factories, and firms should be set up throughout the country so that the unemployed youths can work there. Vocational education should be widely introduced and the growth of the population should be kept under control. Some effective measures must be taken immediately to mitigate this problem. Industrialization is a possible solution to this problem. If we fail to solve this problem, our independence will be meaningless.

Unemployment problem is a curse for Bangladesh. A society burdened with unemployed fellows can never prosper in the world. This must be eliminated; otherwise, our future will be dark. Govt. must take various measures to create more jobs for people. Also, we have to change our attitude regarding jobs. More and more people will have to be self-employed rather than searching for jobs. We cannot expect the development of our country leaving its millions of people unemployed to survive as a boastful nation. For removing this problem the government should be taken a proper step. The educated person should change their attitude to their life. They must learn to choose their independent career.