Uses and Abuses of Television

Uses and Abuses of Television

Television is a wonder of modern science. The history of human civilization tells the advancement and achievement of science. Modern science has presented us with various wonderful and interesting things. Television is one of them. It gives both knowledge and pleasure. Nowadays it is the most popular medium of mass communication and entertainment. It has influenced each division of our life. Now, it has become such kind of modern instrument that has made our life easy, relaxed, modern and momentous.

Paul Nipkow, a German scientist at first thought of sending an image to a distant place. But John Beyard, an. English scientist was able to give this thought a real shape. As a result, television was invented.

Television has become the most popular medium of entertainment. Its price has also been reduced. This is why today in almost every house there is a television set. It has become almost the symbol of wealth, aristocracy and culture in our country. Farmers can witness the modern methods of cultivation in television. It conveys social, political, economic, cultural and religious news of home and abroad.

Television is very necessary for modern culture and civilization. We can get the various latest news throughout the world sitting at home. It is a great source of recreation. The spiritual shows build character. We enjoy drama, dance, music, and movies on it. It has made the world smaller. Television has conquered time and distance. Nowadays we need not go to the stadium to enjoy a game like football, cricket, tennis, etc. Rather we can enjoy a live telecast of them. It also plays an important role in promoting education. It is being used to teach the students and the illiterate people. It also arranges special programs for children, women, workers, and soldiers. Many shows give opportunities to people with talents through reality shows and creating a platform for them. Political leaders can also form a public opinion through it. It is the best medium of being familiar with the customs and traditions, fashions and cultures of the people of different parts of the world. It teaches the illiterate and students. We hear and enjoy debates, lectures on various important topics. So, it has a great appeal to the people of all classes.

However, television is not always an unmixed blessing. It may have some abuses. Students often waste valuable time before sitting television set. Besides, some vulgar programs telecast on television hamper the moral character of the younger. Sometimes students prefer enjoying television to study. Obscene and vulgar films are often shown in the televisions which pervert the tastes of our youngsters. Sometimes obscene films and almost naked dances are shown on the television which is very much harmful. Even, they do not go to play to enjoy the television program. As a result, they do not get a good health. This type of bad habit may hamper their health and mentality.

Television has brought a remarkable change in human life. It has become a companion to the lonely people and friend to the friendless. It is now a part and parcel of everyday life. In a developing country like ours; importance of television cannot be ignored. It has conquered both time and distance.