Wedding Anniversary Speech For Wife

Weddings, as we all have seen throughout our lives, are not about two persons getting together but about two families becoming one big family. Today we have gathered here to celebrate our wedding anniversary and I am going to deliver a speech for my loving partner. Weddings are all about new dresses, bright decorations, bringing family and friends together, music and dance, dinner and drinks, excitement and happiness, running to put everything in a frame perfectly, planning and setting things right, bringing the bride and groom together and blessing the wedded couple. Wedding is all about these and so much more!

Our 25th wedding anniversary marks countless days of working together as a team and endless hours of constant support. My wife and I have successfully, in happiness and sorrow and in highs and lows of life, spent many hours together and this call for a huge celebration. It is a matter of pride that the two of us spent one-third of an average human life together. We got through all the ups and downs of life, paved our own way as a team and ended up crossing many significant milestones. Is it not miraculous and amazing at the same time? So this day should be as special as it can get. I have planned a getaway with my wife, visit a serene place, sip tea on the mountains and enjoy supper near the ocean. Or we must celebrate it with our kids, friends or family, for they have been the witnesses of our loving relationship.

I want my 25th wedding anniversary to make it to the “one of the most special days of our lives” list. I bought a gift of love for my beloved wife and tried every possible thing to make our 25th wedding anniversary anything, but mundane. At this significant stage of our married life, size or cost of a gift does not matter but what matters is the thought put in that gift. Something as small as a card or as expensive as a piece of jewelry would convey the same amount of love I have for my dearest wife. We must show the world that our love and admiration for each other has grown with every year and the vigor has not faded away even after all these years.

On this extremely special day, we must shake a leg, take an extra bite of our favorite sweet, shed a tear while looking back at the countless seconds we have spent and lived together. We must forget the rules for a day and get lost in each other’s company. It is our day to throw a memorable party on the occasion of our golden marriage jubilee and let people feel our love in the air.

The phrase “to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides” stands true for me and my beloved wife as we always had the warmth in our relationship and we managed to keep it safe for 25 years now. By this time, we have accepted each other’s little foibles. Today is the day when we will let the world see that our duo is the epitome of strength, love, and care. Let our 25th wedding anniversary be the beginning of our new, joyous and cheery life.

From my heart, I wish you, my lovely wife, and a very happy 25th wedding anniversary! May the two of us stay together, today and always!

Thank you!