What does it mean to love – an Open Speech

What does it mean to love – an Open Speech

Everybody wants to be loved. Every child, woman, and man longs for love. Knowing that someone in the world loves you gives meaning to life, gives you the strength to face troubles, warms your heart, and makes you feel you can achieve anything. Being loved is important. Equally important is knowing what it means to love.

If you love someone, you would be willing to make sacrifices for that person. You would always put that person first. Take for example a parent’s love for a child. A loving mother would make certain that the child is given the best even if it means that she has to sacrifice her own needs and wishes. A child would be willing to sacrifice a job with good prospects in order to stay near his parents and take care of them in their old age. Willingness to sacrifice time, money, effort and personal dream is an indication of true love.

If you love someone, you would believe in him or her. Even if everyone else doubts your loved one, you would still have confidence in your beloved. For instance, the world may look down on a child who has learning difficulties but his parents would continue to believe that he will improve. They would encourage their child and help him to achieve his full potential. One good example of such a case is the mother of Albert Einstein. Albert’s schoolteacher said he would never succeed in life because he is a slow learner. But Albert’s mother did not stop believing in her son. She took him out of school and taught him at home. Can you imagine what would have happened if Albert’s mother had listened to people and stopped believing in her son?

If you love someone, you would be loyal to that person. You would not speak badly of your beloved. You would not turn against him or her just because he or she made a mistake or hurt you. In fact, you would defend and protect your beloved. You would not allow your loved one to be hurt by others’ words and criticism. You would stick by your loved one even if the whole world were to abandon him or her.

Love is a funny thing. It is wonderful to be loved and it is even more wonderful to love someone. If you have not truly loved someone before, your life would be incomplete. Love’s reward is happiness.