Why we should exercise – an Open Speech

A healthy person is a wealthy person. Wealth is here measured in terms of the person’s physical well-being so that he or she is able to go about and carry out day-to-day tasks easily. He or she will look good and feel good. To attain this, physical exercise is a must.

Firstly, exercise ensures good health. Modern-day chronic diseases like heart problems, diabetes, and certain cancers are all caused by the lack of exercise. Conversely, anyone having these ailments will recover better if they include exercise as part of their daily routine.

Another instance of why we need to exercise is doctors link the lack of exercise to many people having one form or another of insomnia. Moreover, when we sleep better, we have better resistance, to infections. This has been proven by astronauts. During missions, their bodies physically deteriorate.

Their bones, internal organs, and cardiovascular system are all negatively affected. However, it has been found that exercise reduces changes significantly.

Another example of how exercise helps us to feel better is it gets rid of obesity. It burns off the calories. In our push-button lifestyle, we have become quite sedentary. ‘Why walk, when we can take the car’, seems to be the way of life for all of us. Nowadays, even shopping is done online. Moreover, we seem to be only exercising our fingers as we play computer games, surf the Net, and press the control button to change the channel to our favorite television program. Add that to the Malaysian favorite pastime of eating, it is no wonder that our young have bellies and double chins.

Lastly, students should exercise at least three times a week for at least twenty minutes per session, as exercise is a good stress buster. Exercise stimulates different brain chemicals. One of those chemicals is endorphin which makes a person become less stressed and more cheerful. Students preparing for their examinations are therefore able to concentrate better. As a result, they will do better in their examinations.

In conclusion, regular exercise is an effective way by which we can not only feel younger, but look younger.