Write A Letter Describing The Picnic

Imagine you are XYZ (Name) of …….(Address). Recently you went on a picnic to Kuakata. Now write a letter to your friend ABC (Name) who lives in …(place name) describing the picnic.

Date: 00 Month: …. Year: 0000

Address: ———–

Dear …..(Name)

I am very glad to receive your letter. I hope you are well by the grace of the Almighty. You will be glad to know that recently we went to a picnic. It was an autumn vacation. Our college was closed. I with some of my friends arranged the picnic. We selected Kuakata for the picnic spot. We selected Kuakata because it is the only sea beach in the world where both the sunrise and the sunset can be seen. We reached there in the afternoon and put up in a hotel near the sea beach. I had never seen the sea before. So I had a curiosity to see the sea. In the evening we went to the sea beach to see the sunset. Really it was such a wonderful scene which is really impossible to describe. At about 7.30 we reached the hotel.

In the next morning when we got up from bed, we again went to see the sun rise. It was also a wonderful experience for us. We took a walk on the sea beach. Some of us also took bath in the beach. We started our return journey at about 2 p. m. In fact the short journey to Kuakata had to us a most memorable incident in our life.

With best regard to your parents and love to all.

Yours ever,