Neoprene Adhesive for Sole Bonding of Pvc Sole

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1.High cohesive strength.

2. High adhesive strength with wide range of materials.

3. High resistance to creep up to 60°C at least, but capable of   heat activation at higher temperature.PU80°C-90°C

4. Bond strength should not be reduces by grease, plasticizer, perspiration water or other substances to which it might normally be exposed.

5.High resistance to ageing.

6.High flexibility and resistance to flex cracking.

7. Easily applicable by hand or machine.


  • Flammable.
  • Superior plasticizer and grease or oil resistance.
  • Limited cold tack life.
  • Strong bond with most materials.
  • Difficult to remove.
  • More compatible with wider of material than neoprene.
  • High green strength but at least 48 hours needed to reach full strength.