Misuse of Mobile Phones by Students

Sample essay on misuses of mobiles phones by students in schools, colleges, universities etc.

This is an essay about the good and bad of mobile phone and how people have miss-used them over time in the modern age. I’m going to give some examples when phones have had an effect on people especially in the twenty first century.

More than half of the whole population of USA owns a mobile phone. And half these are students that use them in class and disrupt others. What do they do on their phones while in class? Well they are texting their family or friends. Social media like Facebook or Twitter, dating websites and so on. This can be a bad thing as dating sites offer sexual criminals the chance to commit a crime if you meet them in person. However this can also be the place that you meet the love of your life the one you decide to marry. You just have to be careful and take caution. This outcome is mostly bad and rarely good. Students are risking their education and potentially their future.

The internet is the biggest way for bullies to bully others this is called cyber bullying. And seeing that three quarters of the world’s population have a phone also have internet on their phone this has a bad effect on each generation with it getting worse with each. Law states NOT to use your mobile phone while driving yet people still do and this causes accidents and deaths.

Scientist have studied that mobile phones leek a bit of radiation which is harmful but with modern times people use them more and more this will eventually lead to just enough reduction to harm your health. Mobile phones can be a good thing as in the modern day more and more men are stalking women. If a woman is walking down an empty street and she feels someone following her. The mobile phone can be used to send that person away because they see that she is on the phone taking with someone and they don’t want to risk it. This can be a good thing.

When people are texting their friends and family they are using texting language like abbreviations such as “LOL or srsly” this has a very bad effect of the English language and in some schools they do allow their students to use this in their exams. However it can be a good thing for young kids to learn easier.

My conclusion is that people in the modern day do misuse their mobile phones. Phones nowadays are bad however they can also be good thing for women and also for kids to keep in contact with their parents while at school.

Misuse of Mobile Phones Essay in English

Misuse of Mobile Phone

In the fast pace of 21st century, technology is the part of everyone’s life. Things have become much more convenient. In the past, people faced many problems to perform simple calculation and day to day task but with the invention of mobile phone everything is just one tap away.

The world has turned into global village, anyone can communicate with each other, even if they live poles apart. Mobile phones have brought people closer and made things easy. The tasks which were complicated and time taking are now performed within the blink of an eye. Another important aspect is its use in the field of education, now the students have access to numerous amounts of websites where they can easily gather information regarding their subjects. With all the positive aspects and brighter side of mobile phone there are many negative aspects that can’t be ignored.

Mobile phones have their own pros and cons. The biggest dilemma of our society is that mobile phones are now accessible to everyone even children of age 5 or 7 are also found immersed in the usage of mobile phones. The biggest misuse of phone is for the social media which has become very popular in our youth. You can find almost anyone on different social media platforms where young people are indulged in competing with each other for material things. Everyone wants to capture a picture of anything they eat or buy and later they post it on the social media just to flaunt off their social status, due to which many other people who belong to the lower strata of society gets involved into inferiority complex and face depression in their life.

Excessive usage of mobile phone has adverse effects on the health of people. Children at a very young age are affected by weak eyesight. While sleeping at night people keep their phones closer to them and the harmful rays of the mobile phone radiations affects their brain, as a result brain tumor or brain cancer is becoming more common in the population. People spend their free time on mobile phones instead of taking rest which adds more fuel to the fire of medical problems.

Apart from health, mobile phones are also affecting the relationships. In the past people used to meet and greet each other on special occasions such as birthdays, New Year’s, eid festive etc but now all they do is send a message through their mobile phones, due to which physical contact is lost as a result when people are in dire need no one really approaches them. A certain distance is created between family members because when they sit together instead of spending time with each other, they spend their time on useless and baseless chats on mobile phone.

There is a beautiful saying, “Realize it before you lose.” This quotation is relevant in the 21st century as we all are so deeply involved in our gadgets like mobile phones that we do not even realize the negative affect that it is bringing in our life and in our society as a whole. It is the hour of need when we should know the importance of reality, so that we may shift our focus from virtual world to real world.  Excess of everything is bad; if it is used in a correct manner we can enjoy our life as well as stabilize our relationships for a healthy future.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in School Essay

Sample essay on disadvantages and misuses of mobile phones in school, college, university or tuition centers. Detailed

Misuse of Mobile Phones Essay

Mobile phones are something you will see everywhere today, among children, senior citizens, laborers, workers of every kind. Mobile phones went viral faster than any other plague in the history of this world. However mobile phones have made their transformations from one form to another over the past couple of months.

When the first of the mobile phones came out, there was a sense of shock among people. People were shocked to see a handy gadget that went on further to replace landline phones. But you can say that their shock was expected. Anything that’s big in size suddenly is handed over to you, telling you that it does the same work as that big landline but when you look it, you see a small device with some numbers printed on it.

Mobile phone revolutionized the face of communications among people. You couldn’t carry your landline anywhere but you sure can carry your mobile phone anywhere you desire. You are literally carrying a mean of communication in your pocket. All you have to do is take your mobile phone out, call the number you desire, have your conversation, and it isn’t even that expensive.

Mobile phones changed their forms from a simple flip phone all the way to the smartphones we use today. Smartphones took over the flip phones as they were very easily replaceable. The question arises? Are smartphones replaceable and the answer is NO! , no for now, we don’t know what might happen in future but for now smartphones is the easiest way of communication.

We are in the age of technology where everything around you is made up of some technological agenda or is using some technology in its use / making. Smartphones were the main reason why we call the modern age, the age of technology. We now know that mobile phones have made our lives easier, but anything that advantages also comes with some disadvantages.

Mobile phone itself has no disadvantages but when you look beyond the vision inside of your everyday mobile usage, you will notice a few flaws in the use. Misusage of mobile phones is quite common these days; the biggest suspect behind this misuse is the social media.
We are social media slaves, everything we do, we see or wherever we go has to be updated on the social media for the whole world to see. Misusage of mobile phones also comprises of blasphemy content that offends anyone. Social media today is full of blasphemy content and all the started when mobile phones became more common than ever.

Misusage of mobile phones among children is quite typical now in today’s age. Even the 12 year olds today carry mobile phones with them everywhere they go, yes it’s a fact that mobile phones today have become a need for communication but don’t you think it’s actually diverting growing minds from the real worlds and dragging them further into the virtual worlds.

People today have not only become just a visual representation of themselves but their reality is slowing fading away in the winds of what we call technology. Mobile phones today carry every kind of facility, when you ask yourself for something you can’t do with your mobile phone i can bet that there is absolutely nothing you can come up with.

Misusage of mobile phones is also declining the ethical values we had amongst ourselves. Socializing with real people is not quite common now, and even private conversations happen on mobile phones and not in real. This is not only an arising problem today but this is a problem that is ruining the thought of the young ones that are attracted and use mobile phones on a daily basis.

I am not against the use of mobile phones or the existence of mobile phones but I am solely against the misuse of mobile phones, which is slowly indirectly affecting our health and our well-being.

Essay on My Favorite Teacher for High School Student.

Sample Essay on My Favorite Teacher by a high school student who feels passionate regarding his/her art teacher who helped him/her in loving and appreciating art.

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My Favorite Teacher

Teachers are the guiding figures of a person’s life. They are not just role models for their students but also a source of inspiration and motivation. They play an important part in not just improving the students regarding their knowledge about certain things but they also help in establishing a sense of responsibility and accountability.

For me, my favorite teacher has been and will always be my arts instructor, Miss_____. From a very young age I had never like arts. It made my shoulders hurt. My hand would cramp up because of the hard work and I would not find the peace and solace most of my co students did when they completed their art pieces. Miss ___ ,however, changed my perspective about arts altogether. She made me realize the creativity and the imagery behind all what seems to be just a few smears of paint from left to right. Her descriptions of each work piece captivated me to such regard that slowly and slowly I also became an art lover ,just like her.

Today, I stand in front of a canvas and the first thing that come to my mind is my teacher’s words, ” A famous person once said ‘Creativity Takes Courage’,hence I want you be courageous and adventurous”. Such simple words convey a huge message. I have found my inner peace using the same words. I put in much effort in every piece I worked on. I would convey the same message to anyone who was finding it hard to paint and sketch. My favorite teacher was not just an art instructor, she was an activist putting in her best to encourage her students. She taught me to respect others and their work, even if I found their work hideous. Her theory behind this was that everyone puts their best for what they believe in ,hence we must believe in them to make sure they find their inner peace too.

I thank her for all she did for me.

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Essay on Women Disparity

This Essay can be used as a speech as an essay, as an awareness speech, as something to draw attention towards stereotypical views of the society or anything else like that. It can also be used to bring into consideration a lot of things. You can modify this sample according to your needs and circumstances.

Essay on Women Disparity

The girl in the mirror looks like me; but her eyes don’t look like mine. Mine were innocent and scared, but hers are cold and fearless. She looks stronger than me because of the mental and even the literal destruction she had to face for being a girl in a society where she is born. It is hard to accept that this girl is me, but this is who I need to be now. This is the reality. So, I don’t mind accepting the new me as long as I can still hope that somewhere inside her still lays the old me that will re-live once I am strong enough to stop the unsought things coming my way for being a girl.

If I am not a victim of individual sexual harassment, that doesn’t have to mean that my life as a girl has been all rainbows and unicorns. If I have never been physically abused that doesn’t have to mean that everything is perfect. Just because the obstacles I face are not substantially visible, it doesn’t have to mean that I am not fighting. Because I am! I fight every day at multiple fronts for what I want to be, for what I believe in. A fight which is not ordinary. A fight which is against the norms and limitations set by the society where I am born and at times a fight within me against myself when the thought of giving up comes to my mind. The typical words I hear are not even directed towards me but they are like triggers, the hindrances don’t even touch me but pass so closely that the psychological effect they have on me is excruciatingly painful which ensues in every cell of my brain screaming. The screams that are not loud enough to break open my sealed lips. I hail from an environment where education for women is slighted and tends to become a social stigma. For centuries there is a common belief that marriage is the culminating point of a women’s achievement, an independent and highly accomplished woman becomes a threat to status quo as she will resist being subservient to patriarchal will. This phenomenon confines a woman to a state of mediocrity, denying her opportunity to realize her full potential. This sociological compulsion puts the burden on a woman to adapt to this pattern to keep the family fabric intact. Even though intangible, this notion lurks in the shadow.

“The society didn’t let me grow”, “I wish I wasn’t a girl”, “Gender disparity has ruined my life” and such dialogue are a mainstream murmur and most commonly heard, right? But this is not how I see the gender disparity around me. Would it be weird if I say that the impact it has on me is positive? Would it make me a target if I say that it plays a positive role in my life? Would it make other girls dislike me if I say it’s not necessary that gender disparity ruins lives? Because in my case it has turned out to be a blessing. It makes me want to reach a level where I am comfortable with my identity as a woman. It gives me strength to be strong yet soft hearted, to be noble yet fiercely protective and to be athletic yet motherly. Because I will not live my life struggling to fit into the frame set by society. I don’t want to be a soul crushed into something as tiny as the oppressed woman because I know that I can be so much more. I will make my own definition. I will keep on mustering the strength to rise above the tide because to be strong is my choice.

Essay on Should Music be made Compulsory in schools

This essay can be used as a debate or a speech or an essay. All the research that is used is cited at the end of the essay. YOU NEED TO GIVE CREDIT TO THE PEOPLE. ANYTHING PICKED FROM INSIDE COMMAS HAS TO BE PICKED ALONG WITH THE AUTHORS NAME AND CITATION. Any such material picked from internet when through plagiarism software will show plagiarism because it has been published on internet. This essay is a sample for you!!

Music should be made compulsory in schools.

“Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them — a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement” (Gerald Ford)

Melody is all around us. Let it be chirruping of birds, swooshing of wind, honking of horns or melodious voice of Celine Dion. Music has existed since humans have lived. Merriam Webster describes music as “the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity” (Merriam Webster). While the roots of music are impossible to trace, all the customs and the traditions pay their heritage to music.“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” (Maya Angelou)Music doesn’t only consist of vocals or chords but also instruments like banjo, guitar, violin, flute and etc. Music curriculum consists of uncountable things; Music Curriculum states that “it comprises of listening and responding, performing and composing activities.” (“Music Curriculum” 2). There is much more to music than just being a source of pleasure.What makes music an integral part of the global village? It is not merely the rhythm but the benefits music has. However, they tend to forget that the world is weaved with the strings of sounds intertwined to form a neuro-scientific world of music which has no escape.At an individual level, it serves as pre-requisites for a more successful life. Adding music to the curriculum may increase the workload but the benefits with a large margin overweigh the cons.Having made music a part of curriculum in primary schools for young children, it would yield our coming generations with numerous benefits including enhanced creative, cognitive and intellectual skills by curing certain mental disorders, creating cultural linkages and enlarging the brain size. Hence, music should be made mandatory in schools.

One of the major reasons why music studies should be mandatory in primary classes is that it enhances the brain’s ability to function in an efficient manner in context to intellectual skills and better memory. The better the resonance with strings, the better the resonance with neurons. A glance over music’s history would yield us with outcome that neuro-scientific effects of music have always been under dialogue. A human brain is segregated into two hemispheres; each hemisphere is allotted with a different function linked by “Corpus Callosum” which has 200 million neurons. The larger is the “Corpus Callosum”, the better. “Anita Collins suggests that when our students play their instruments, they are working on their fine motor skills… musicians adapt to these challenges by creating a larger corpus callosum” (“Your Brain on Music: The Corpus Callosum”).Hence, students who are into music will have enlarged “Corpus Callosm” which will improve their problem solving skills and sharpen their memory which will make them better learners.University of California recently came up with a recent research that states that music helps ripen brain,not only the cognitive skills but also chromatic imagery, improved auditory abilities and spatial abilities. As music composition is all about memorization of chords, it improves the memory retaining ability of brain. “Second graders who were given music lessons scored 27% higher on proportional math and fractions tests than those children who did not receive any musical instruction” (“Why should Music be a necessary part of a School”). “Mozart effect” also refers to increased cerebral activities by stating “improvement in performing mental tasks the require spatial- temporal reasoning” (“Mozart Effect”). If music is made mandatory in primary school, it would lead to better memory retention and improved academic results.By virtue of this skewed representation of the benefits of music on brain, an easy conclusion can be drawn that music being made mandatory in primary schools would only yield us with benefits.

As deeply rooted in history, music has worked as a cure for not only mental and physical illness but also certain disorders which inhibits one’s brain functionality.Research shows that if music is made mandatory at a young age, it would work as a medicine for stutter and inculcate self-confidence in children and a living example of this is Shawn Mendes. Shawn Mendes, a well-known singer, talks about how he used to stutter in childhood and how stuttering limited his opportunities and pushed him to inferiority complex. However, he shows gratitude to Enimen because after listening and singing his songs, he overcame stutter. (“Ed Sheeran Surprises Young Fan, Talks about Overcoming Childhood Stutter.”). Furthermore, he goes onto say that music cured him and made him who he is today, epitome of creativity.  Not only this, learning and listening music cures autism which restricts social interaction and communication skills which leads to inhibition of creativity. “This means that a therapist can use a song or instrument to support cognitive activity so that we can build self-awareness and improve relationships with others. Music encourages communicative behavior and can encourage interaction with others, which is something that autistic children have great difficulty with” (“The Benefits of Music Therapy for Autistic Children”) Furthermore, music works as antidote for children with AHDH. Research shows that victim of ADHD slow down the same cortices which is fastened up by music. Imagine if music can make children with AHDH better learns then what an immensely amazing affect will it have on people whose cortices work normally. “Music is rhythm, rhythm is structure, and structure is soothing to an ADHD brain struggling to regulate itself to stay on a linear path.” (“Music Therapy: Sound Medicine for ADHD”) By the results of for mentioned research, we can easily conclude that making music specifically a core course would help children be cured from number of disorders which are not easy to identify and elevate the creativity skills of one’s brains by providing free therapy. Hence, music gives us another elemental reason to be compulsory in schools.

Another essential benefit of music is that it connects one to history and culture; it also inculcates in one the sense of self confidence and provides an escape from tiresome academic routine. It aids an individual to develop social skills. As music is more of combined art, it would help students to connect better with colleagues and communicate in a better manner. Hence, such kind of social interaction would encourage healthy relationship with peers. As music requires one to perform at front of masses, it plays a pivotal role in boosting self-confidence and self-esteem that would eventually lead to bolster their creativity. Addition of music lectures would also provide a refreshing break to students which would help them to work more efficiently. Listening and performing different kinds of music adds to one’s knowledge about different cultures and traditions of the world and creates a bridge between contemporary world and the era that this world has almost forgotten. Music competitions require one to visit different places that again works as a cultural exchange program. Opportunities like these provide a platform to enhance one’s leadership skills as well. This is how music education aids an individual to enhance their creativity by sharpening their social skills and boosting their self-confidence. Music Education gives us a number of reasons of why it should be mandatory.

A prevalentcriticism of making music mandatory in school is that not all the students have caliber for music. It is just not their thing and then making music compulsory for them in schools will be nothing more than a troublesome compulsion to deal with. Furthermore, it will only add onto the pressure on individuals and elevate the degree of workload for them.Moreover, musical instruments are not easy to afford and it will put extra pressure on school’s finances. “Many music programs pose huge budget concerns for schools.” (“Negatives of Music in School”). As far as the argument of workload is concerned, it will make students more prone to working under high pressure that will prepare them for their practical lives ahead. In addition to this, students will get a chance to develop a new skill and manage their time in a more efficient way. Experiments and results also say that “Schools with music programs have an estimated 90.2% graduation rate and 93.9% attendance rate compared to schools without music education, which average 72.9% graduation and 84.9% attendance. Schools that have music programs have an attendance rate of 93.3% compared to 84.9% in schools without music programs.” (“Music Education Statistics”).

Precisely speaking, music is much more than asound played in events. It is much more than a pleasing tune to one’s ears. It is a cure, a steroid for one’s brain and cognitive skills. A lot of people are unaware of numerous benefits which music has and that is why one does not pay heat to its importance. Speaking of music as a medicine, it cures several brain disorders including Autism, AHDH and stutter disability. In the light of research done, it can be easily concluded that brain fuels our IQ, memory, cognitive and intellectual skills. Having said that, music being made mandatory will yield our society with benefits by producing children with enlarged brain, better memory retention span, higher IQ and sharpened intellectual skills. Henceforth, music should be made mandatory in schools.

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Personal Statement for University Applications

Personal Statements can be both emotional and practical. Depending on what you prefer to write ,you can build your personal statements for university applications in any shape or format. Use the samples to get an idea regarding what a personal statement should be like.This kind of personal statement can be used for college, university and school applications. You can modify the statement according to your needs and circumstances. But please make sure that universities stamp statements taken from internet as plagiarized material. This is just to give you an idea now how to write the statement. This is one of the ideal formats of personal statements.

This is a personal statement of a student that got accepted in a very prestigious university.

Personal Statement for University Applications

I have always been intrigued by the works and theories put forward by scientists and theorists who worked for years and years for the sake of innovation and understanding of reality. Sciences have always been my favorite because I love to learn more about the fundamental entity of nature and the machines that surround us now. The laws of Physics and the formulae of Mathematics saturate my thoughts. Even though these two fields are very much related, both of them have a discrete spark that ignites a flame of curiosity in me.

The small practicals that I performed in Primary school were all foreign to me but as I learnt more about static electricity and attraction between opposite charges I was able to satisfy myself through Physics and its implementation in daily life. Physics had helped me in understanding better and due to this I really want to consider Physics in higher studies. Now that I know that the small rectangular green chip in toy cars and remote controls is not just a piece of plastic but a chip carrier where multiple integrated circuits are mounted upon, I want to decipher the science behind it. My curiosity for such things can only be pacified if I could enravel the world of Physics.

Recently during attending an Astronomy and Astrophotography camp in India I was able to explore a field that was alien to me. The telescopes that I saw at the camps are the beautiful outcomes of the application of optical physics and engineering. The pictures that were taken at the camp were utterly beautiful and enchanting to me. The unknown facts and information in these pictures enticed me. The cameras that are behind these pictures are also the creation of Physics and science. The diversity of Physics and its application are in-commensurable. Everything in this vast field of Physics is interconnected by small integral threads that make the whole outcomes even more beautiful.

There are many fields of Physics that I still haven’t been acquainted with. Names such as Nano physics, Astrophysics, Cosmology and Particle Physics attract me like an opposite pole of the magnet. I aspire to be someone who also works in such fields that inspire and captivate the older and younger generation. I want to be able to amalgamate all the things that I have learnt so far and apply them with assiduity and dedication.

Apart from my immense interest in Physics, I also actively participate in multiple community service projects. I have always tried my best to work for a cause that will benefit others and I also encourage my peers to do so. I openly speak up for what I believe to be right and also degrade hatred and negativity. Volunteering at many social service projects has immensely improved my ability to communicate and work with other members. I have gained monumental erudite regarding many social problems faced by different and have learned to celebrate diversity and cultures. My mother has always encouraged me to utilize my abilities to the best and strive for what seems impossible and that has really helped me in staying motivated towards my studies as well as my responsibility towards the society.

_____(state the name of the university) is one of the best Universities in _____(mention the city/country the university is situated at) where I will be able to interact with many others students coming from dissimilar backgrounds and cultures. It is a place where I will learn to apply my concepts and enhance my communication skills. The quality labs and education at ____ (state the name of the university) are unparalleled. Hence here I will be able to take a big step towards my future, my dreams and my goals.

Taking everything into consideration, I totally realize that the inaccurate statements may cause my offer application refusal. I believe that I will be able to study in the academically challenging environment at _______(mention the name of the university), as a good student with a higher grade. I will always pursue all the rules and regulations. I look forward for your positive response and I really appreciate your time and consideration.


Essay on Student Life

An essay on how amazing is our student life and one should never take that time for granted and should always make the best use out of it.

Student Life Essay

Essay on student life Student life is a life of care free as well as responsibility free days. The only thing that creates burden on a student is his pending assignments, projects or quizzes. I still remember my life being a student. I used to have a big social circle. I loved to make a lot of friends. Due to my good sense of humor people loved to spend their time in my company. I and my friends used to stress over small silly things of student which now I considers just as rough tides coming along my way. I never thought of the hurricane that was waiting for me to end my student life. The mountain of responsibilities and work duties was created when I entered professional life. At young age during a student life, we consider 8 am classes the worst part of all. The lectures accompanied by strict instructors, is something intolerable by us. During the free time, roaming here and there in the campus is what every student loves to do. The unending gossip session accompanied by cups of tea is nothing but living those care-free days at their best. Leaving the assignments pending till the last day and crying at the last moment trying to complete those incomplete untidy assignments is favorite of all the unfortunate students. At that time, students considers that we are living the most depressed phase of life without realizing how beautiful time it is. No one in this life achieves anything without struggle. After completing student life, we achieve our respectable dreams but in struggle for that we forget to live that beautiful, joyful time of being a student. In a student life, full of hurry and studies depression, enjoy every little moment despite of being depressed because you only live that life once, after leaving it far behind, you will miss that life the most

Essay on Losing my Phone

Sample format of writing an essay on losing your phone and what happens when you realize its not there with you anymore.

The day I Lost my Phone Essay

It was a beautiful morning of October when I went to the university. Everything was going in a normal routine. I, after taking my major’s class decided to went to the cafeteria to get some tea along with refreshments to charge myself before the next lecture. I was standing at the cafeteria’s main gate when someone pushed me. Probably, it was by mistake or intentionally, God knows. The girl apologized to me and went from my way. I stood up and went inside the cafeteria. I ordered my tea and was paying for it while I saw my 2 friends coming along my way. I was worried to show their angry faces. They came closer and uttered in a taunting way that who needs a phone if you cannot even pick up the call. I in numb state was staring at them while my other friend inquired why your phone is going off. We called you multiple times. I immediately opened the bag to find my phone but sadly I couldn’t. Just in 5 minutes, I was confirmed that my phone has been lost or stolen. My friends after getting aware of the situation got a bit worried. They asked the cafeteria management to lock to exit gates so no one can leave the cafeteria while I was searching for my phone here and there. Within next 10 minutes the gates were closed and the girls were only allowed to leave cafeteria after getting their bags checked. The main exiting gates of university were also closed and the same checking took place there as well but all in vain. The one having my phone had probably left the university before than that. I got very depressed when I saw no clear signs of getting my phone back. I had bought that phone after saving my pocket money for months. Only the one with same sacrifice can understand my feelings. I called my father from my friend’s phone and told him about the situation. it was already 7th hour of my phone being lost. The number currently being off confirmed that it was in hand of someone who was not willing to give it back.  My father came to pick me up from the university and we went to the police station. We reported the case and forwarded the details of phone and sim card to PTA as well. I got my sim card blocked and got a duplicate copy of that in my hand. It’s been 3 months since my phone has been lost and there is still no sign of getting it back. I still feel grieved for the amount of data I lost along with the phone which included a lot of important contacts and some of my memorable photos. The only thing I learnt from this tragedy was that we should always take care of our things. No one is responsible for our assets except us.

Essay on Education

Format of essay to write on the topic of education. Education is what changes people’s lives. It is the only way to make your life better , its what that change societies and shape them to be a better version of themselves.

Sample Essay on Importance of Education

Education is not only confined to the books that you read at educational institutes, it is much more than that; education comprises of everything that you do in life and it covers all the aspects. If you are an educated person you will have manners and your behavior determines your level of education; it is reflected in how you treat others around you. Main purpose of education is to make you humble and dignified.

            There are different functions that are performed by education, as Bertrand Russell remarks, “Education has, broadly, two main objects first to impart certain skills, from reading and writing upwards; and secondly make people fit to be citizens. But the second is conceived very differently under different kind of systems.” Education gives you an exposure of life and teaches you how to be a sensible and responsible citizen of the country. If you are and educated person and you still do not follow the rules; such as traffic rules, we see many people breaking traffic rules because they are in a rush which causes many unfortunate accidents and innocent people lose their life; this happens due to lack of education, you need to follow the laws in order to call yourself an educated person.

            Moreover, another crucial aspect is about the kind of education that is being given at schools. These days education is one of the biggest businesses in the world, schools are paying more focus on the amount of money that they can make instead of paying attention on the quality of education that they are providing. Many students who are incapable to pass out there grade are given extra favors due to involvement of their parents who do not let their child fail because they have an agenda of paying high fee so they don’t let an institute take any action against their child. Same is with the system of schools they want money so they do whatever the parents ask them to do, which is morally and ethically a wrong act.

            From quality one has to pay attention to the quantity as well, presently the schools that are running are pressure-rising their students to choose all the subjects which are mostly contrary to their interests which results in lack of their attention; if a student does not like what he studies he loses his focus and is not able to perform well. We need to change our system and let students choose subjects apart from compulsory subjects of their own interests; it will not only help them to learn well in fact they will be able to perform well in other subjects as well.

            Due to lack of resources we have two kinds of institutes one that is fully equipped which would be called an A grade school and the other which lack resources due to financial problems which are considered as B grade schools. These divisions within the schooling system create a sense of insecurity among the students and they are not able to get the kind of education that is a right of every student. These distinctions need to be removed for a better quality of education.

            As aforementioned, if the role of education is properly served the students which is the future of world can turn out to be the biggest and successful names in the world. Very strong and influential words are written by Joseph Addison, What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul. The philosopher, the saint, the hero, the wise and the good, or the great, very often lie hid and concealed in a plebeian which a proper education might have disinterred and brought to light”; this is the role played by education, it finds out diamonds from coal mines.

            Another issue that needs to be highlighted is the role of an educator, the teacher who is the main source of information for the pupils. A teacher can instill in the minds of students what no one else can do; she can place the love of knowledge and education in the hearts of her pupils so that they can learn in a better way. A teacher is a person who influences her students the most, they look up to her. The way she treats her students leaves imprints in their heart, so a teacher needs to be very careful about her behavior, “The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.”(Ralph Waldo Emerson).

            With a proper system of education and responsible attitude of teachers education can serve its purpose and enlighten the minds of many people. For a prosperous future and a civilized society education is a must and people seeking education should also be responsible and sensible about their duties; together we can flourish and reach the sky and education gives you the wings to fly.