Writing a Letter To Parents For Poor Performance in Mathematics And Other Subjects.

This letter can be used by any teacher, professor, instructor, principal to the parents of any child/ student.

Writing a letter to parents for poor performance in mathematics and other subjects



Dear Parents,

Your son (name) student of 7th class in our school (school name) was a brilliant student till last year. He was among the toppers of the batch and was always in highlight but this year he performed below average in mid-term examination. Mid terms is a type of mock exams of half the syllabus coming in finals. We are worried that if your son is not able to score good in mid exams how will he manage to get a good percentage in his final exams. The result in all of the subjects was poor. In mathematics, he has failed scoring only 4 marks out of 100 which are unacceptable by us and you as well. The condition of other subjects is not also up to the mark. It seems like (name) is been under stress due to any uncertain conditions.

You should visit any counselor for his counseling. Paying heed to his studies is necessary at this moment or else kindly get arranged any home tutor for him who can concentrate on him at his home also or else he won’t be allowed to take his final examination.



Writing a letter to parents for lack of interest and poor performance in physical activity



Dear Parents,

I am writing this letter with sheer anxiety that your child, (name of child), does not show any interest in physical activities. Even in the PE period, you will see him sitting alone in some shade and doing nothing. Moreover, he does not even make friends. We have tried to approach him so many times but we just does not speak at all. The other day, we had fitness test and he performed below average. Not only that, he is usually lazy in class and does not show interest in anything. He repeatedly claims about headache and he falls off to sleep in classes to.

We have been trying to get to him and have also tried to convince him to get active and take parts in several activities but it is not working. We understand that he is amazing in studies but along with that mental and physical health is also very important.

I request you to personally look into this matter and take measures to improve his interest and well being. I hope you will look into this. Thank you!

With Best Regards,

Name of principal


Letter to Sister Congratulating her on her Success

Sample on how to write a congratulatory letter to your sister who has recently aced her examination and the results are clearly showing the hard=work that she has put in.

Letter to Sister Congratulating her on Excellent Exams Result

Dear Sister,
How are you? It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken. I recently received word on the success of your MCAT. You scored one of the highest marks in the state! That is definitely an achievement worth celebrating! I couldn’t be more proud of you, sister.
I’m looking forward to celebrating with you and surprising you with something special when you return home for the break.

Congratulations again!

Letter to Sister Congratulating her

My dear sister Agatha,

I was looking at the merit list on the board of Boxford Academy the other day and I noticed your name on the list. Not only that, but you were one of the toppers of the entire class. I wanted to congratulate you on this amazing feat and success.

Our parents will be ecstatic to hear this, and I know you will continue to and always make our family proud.

Your brother; Martin Stewart

Diwali Holiday Announcement Email to Employees

Format of wish letter to send to employees on the joyous occasion of Diwali. Employees are the backbone of a company and wishing them properly on any festival is a company’s duty. Diwali also known as deepwali.

Wishing Diwali  and Holiday Notice To Employees

To the employee,

Hope your work is going well. This email is to inform you that the office will be closed from Wednesday, 7 November 2018 to Friday, 9 November 2018 due to Diwali Holidays or Deepwali Holidays. Kindly report back to office on Saturday, 10th October 2018 at 08:00 am.  All the meeting during this time will be cancelled and set on some other day. You will be informed about the changes later on. Enjoy your holidays.

Happy Diwali in advance!

Manager High-Tech Communication,

Diwali Holiday Announcement Email to Employees

Dear Employees,

We wish to inform our respected employees that from the 7th to 9th of November our office will be closed for the holidays of Diwali.

May you all enjoy a happy and blessed occasion with your families and loved ones.
Happy Diwali!

Management – Airtel Telecommunications, F Sector Offices
Mumbai, India

Congratulation letter for Promotion

Sample of Congratulatory Letter on Promotion in business or office by fellow well wisher colleague or friend of the man of the hour

Congratulatory Letter For Success


Mr. Sam jack, Media department

Dear Mr. Jack,

I am writing this letter to pay my heartiest regards for your promotion. You have always been an inspiration and we have learnt a lot of things from you. You highly deserve the place where you are today at. Our company needs employees like you who work with full dedication and perform their job with full sincerity.

You have set an example for everyone here. I really hope that you will give your best and will make further progress in your life. It was a wonderful time working with you and out department will miss you.

I wish you all the very best for your upcoming life and May God bless you abundantly. Work hard and be an example for every single person working in this office. Thank you and best of luck.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Bran Wilson

Media department

Congratulation Letter for Promotion And Success

It gives me great pleasure and contentment to inform you that the company has decided to promote you from the post of [Junior accountant] to [Manager]. The company is pleased to see your performance and commitment towards your work. You are also awarded with a 20 percent increment in your salary along with travel allowances.

The decision will be effective from next week.

I congratulate you for your achievement and hope that you will continue in the same fashion.

Yours truly,

Bit e Zainab

Congratulation letter For Promotion

Dear Employee,

Hope you are doing well. I would like to congratulate you for being selected as one of the five employees who are promoted each year.

We have given you this opportunity on the basis of your hard work and excellent skills that make you stand out from the rest of your colleagues. We checked profiles of all the employees and selected the best ones. You should be proud of your accomplishment. You will be given a private office along with the raise in salary. I hope you will stand on our expectations and manage to exhibit the same qualities in the coming time too.

You will start working on this next post from 1st February 2018. I have attached a pdf file which contains all the details of your promotion. Also, you need to sign the document and mail it back to me by 15th January. Congratulations again and best of luck.



Congratulation letter For Promotion

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with much joy to inform you that you have been promoted from the position of ‘Assistant Vice President’ to ‘Vice President’ Congratulations on your great achievement! The director is very happy with your dedicated work and hopes that you will continue to keep your work standards high. You will be assigned with new duties and for that please do visit the Director’s office on Monday at 9 am for a scheduled meeting.

On behalf of the whole team we wish you the best of luck, and congratulations once again!

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali



Congratulation Letter After Job Interview

Format of best wishes letter to a friend, colleague, relative who has appeared for a job interview and has aced it. This letter will help you tell them how proud you are of that individual.

Congratulatory Letter To Friend After Successful Job Interview


My dearest friend ABC. I just received a letter from you telling me about the success of you job interview. I was overjoyed to know that you have got selected. I always knew that you are very skillful and will succeed in every step of your life.

Maybe you still remember the days of our college when you were always praised for your intelligence by our teachers too. You have always been very talented and hardworking. All you ever needed was just a bit of self confidence.

And now you know that as you have been selected for this job then it means that you are very good at it and can achieve all your goals through this platform. So always stay motivated and keep succeeding in your life.

Now whenever I will come to your place we will discuss your job in detail and I will also get a treat from you for this delightful event.

Sending lots of love to your side.


Yours forever,


Wishes For New Born Baby

Following sample letter can be sent to anyone who has received a blessing of a new born child it could be a friend, family or colleague and telling them how immense joy you feel on this new addition of their family

Congratulatory Letter For Birth Of A new Born


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Mike,

I hope you both are fine, I am also fine. How is sarah? Has she recovered?  I got to know about your newly born baby boy. I am so happy. I cannot express my excitement and feeling in words. I really wanted to see the baby but due to exams I cannot come but I promise that I will come after my exams. Your mother told me that baby was in critical condition but now he is fine.  I am so excited to know his name. Please email me the pictures of him and sarah. After so long, we have a baby in our family. Everyone is so excited to play with him. I hope we all were with you. I wish him all the health and good future. May you both prove to be the best parents and may he become an obedient child. I wish he bring a lot of happiness to your house and may he succeed in every race of life.  Pay my regards to sarah and you also take good care of your health and lots of love to the baby. I am already missing him. Take care, bye.

Yours truly,

Amy Will

Congratulations for Little Baby Boy

Dear ABC,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and happiness. Many many congratulations to you and your family from my side, I am very glad to know about your newly born baby boy. You and your family must be very happy with the little bundle of joy. I wonder how much fun I am missing and I wish that I could be there with all of you to celebrate these moments of utter happiness.

I am so excited to meet the little one but unfortunately I cannot visit you for the next three months as my exams are very near. So please send me all the pictures of the baby through e-mail. And let me know if there is anything that you need from me, so I can bring it along when I come to see you.

Once again, congratulations on being new parents. Give lots of love and kisses to the baby.

With love,


Wishes for New Born Baby

To: Huntington Family
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

We have heard the wonderful news and we are very happy for you all. On behalf of our family, we would like to congratulate you on the birth of your newborn baby boy. May God keep your family happy.

Mrs. Scott Adams
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Wishes for New Born Baby Boy

Dear Mehreen,

I sent this letter to send my warm wishes for your new born baby boy. I am so excited to meet your kid but unfortunately I cannot take off from office as winter vacations are approaching. However, I promise you that when during my vacations I will come to visit you first and will bring lots of toys for our new family member. Give him lots of love from his aunt and congratulations again.

Your favorite sister,

Fatima Noor

Write a Letter to Your Mother Wishing Her Mother’s Day

Heartfelt mother’s day message. Happy mothers day messages to friends. Mothers day messages in English. Mother’s day letter from son.

Letter to Your Mother Wishing Her Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

How are you? I am doing well; I wish I could be there, hug you tight and wish you Mother’s Day. You are simply best mother in the world. I am blessed to have a mother like you. You are the Gift of God mom. I love you and I pray for your health, age and happiness. Wish you Happy Mother’s Day mom.

This day is very special for all the children over the world and they will be wishing the same to their mothers. I wish I could wish you face to face, but even I am not there but you are in my prayers, mind and thoughts. Please take good care of yourself.

See you soon. Son

Letter to Your Mother Wishing Her Mother’s Day

Dear Mama,

Hope you are doing well in health. As you know today is Mother’s day and I wanted to wish you this most adorable day. So happy Mother’s day mom!  I’m missing you so much I wish I could wish you in real, don’t worry next year I’ll be with you and we will going to celebrate it together.

Take care Mama
Love you.

Yours Truly,
Anna Paul

Letter to Mother Wishing Her Mother’s Day

Johar Town, Lahore.

Beloved Mother,

Many hugs and kisses to you. I am nothing without you .Though you are my heart beat which never stops pumping but on this happy occasion of Mother’s day I want to extend my deep love to you, stretch out my arms and wrap around you and hug You tightly. You are my world, you are light in dark, you are a gush of fresh breeze, you are a field of daffodils, you are a super hero for me, and you are everything for me. I love you; I love you so much.

Yours Loving Daughter,

Madeeha Yaseen

Merry Christmas Message/Letter to Boyfriend

Sample letter to send wishes of merry Christmas to your boyfriend, who is only yours and have good relationship with. You can Whatsapp this message or send this text in SMS. We hope you will receive a very good response from your Boyfriend on Christmas 2019. Best of Luck.

Merry Christmas Email Message to Boyfriend

To my lovely boyfriend

I don’t know how to say what I have in my heart or mind I just act on my feelings good or bad and you have definitely been a good impact on my life. For threes years now we have been together and still we are getting stronger. I hope you have a very happy MERRY CHRISTMAS love you loads my love.

Your girlfriend

Merry Christmas Message to Boyfriend


I hope you have a very happy MERRY CHRISTMAS love you loads my love.

Your Girl,

Oona Chaplin

Merry Christmas Letter to Girlfriend

Merry Christmas email letter to girlfriend with wishes. You will also learn how to write email message to say merry Christmas or text to say merry Christmas to your ex Girl Friend.

Merry Christmas Text to Girlfriend

My fantastic girlfriend

First of all I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for just being you. You have saved me from myself and from other who seek to get money from me. This year over and over again girls have come up to me and tried to get money from me cause I come from a family of rich guys. But you saw past that and saw me for who I am. I love you my wonderful unique girlfriend and we have a bright long future together . MERRY CHRISTMAS my love I know you will get everything you ask for.

Your boyfriend,

Merry Christmas Letter to Girlfriend

To: Jenny Rogers
2402 Webster Street
Los Angeles, California, United States

To my beloved Jenny,

I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas with your family, and I wish I was able to join you all. This is our first Christmas that we aren’t able to spend together for the last few years due to my exams, so it is pretty lonely here without you.

I love you and I miss you very much; I hope you can come back soon so we can celebrate an awesome New Years’ night together!

Merry Christmas to you and your family with lots of love,

Robert Abraham
5359 Blanchester Avenue
Branchburg, New Jersey, United States

Merry Christmas Letter to Clients

Sample merry Christmas Wishes to a Client, supplier, vendor or a contractor company from your company or business or as ceo. Clients who are the main reason for the rapid growth of your company deserves a heartfelt joyous Christmas Wish from you.

Merry Christmas Greetings Message to Supplier

Greetings in the name of God

Dear Mr. Shane,

We, (all the team/company) wish you a Merry Christmas 20XX. We hope you will celebrate and enjoy it a lot. You are honorable for us. We are pleased to wish you this Seasonal Greetings of the year. May God increase your faith; give you a good health on Christmas.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Michael Shawn,


Merry Christmas Email Message to Clients

Dear all clients

I am writing to you all to wish you a merry Christmas. It has been a very long year for this company and I also wanted to thank you all for sticking with us even when things got tough.

So from everyone who works here at my company we hope you get everything you asked Santa on your list and again thank you for your support.

Kind regards

Company owner

Merry Christmas Letter to Clients

To the Respected Clients of Steven Robinson Law Firm:

As the end of December approaches, we would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We hope you have a blessed holiday with your loved ones.

Our firm will be closed for December 25th up until after New Years’ day. We will reopen on January 2nd.

Steven Robinson Law Firm
Detroit, Michigan, United States

Merry Christmas Letter to All Clients



Dear Client,

The company wishes a very Happy Christmas to you. May this occasion brings a lot of love and festivity to all of us and may the bond we share remains same and get stronger with time. The company gives you all a 25% discount starting from 25th December valid till 31st December.

Accept a lot of warm wishes from our side.


Company name