Compensation Letter to Claim for Delayed Flight

Sample letter by a customer to claim refund/ insurance for a delayed flight. This can be used by anyone who wants compensation from airline due to a delayed flight or for someone whose claim for refund has been rejected by the airline company, hence he/she wants his/her bank to provide with insurance.

Letter to Claim Refund from the Airline Company for Delayed Flight

Airline Name,

Customer Service Department,

Respected Sir/ Madam, With due respect I, senders name, request you to please refund the payments as my flight was delayed. I had pre- booked the flight from Texas to Lahore ,____(Time) almost three weeks on ___(Date) due to the up going prices during the holiday season. I am travelling to attend my sisters wedding in Lahore which is taking place in less than two days. Unfortunately, due to some mechanical issues with the aeroplane, my flight was delayed for 9 hours. As travelling from Texas to Lahore takes almost 20-24 hours I cannot afford this delay as otherwise I will probably miss my sister’s wedding. Now I had to pay for another ticket from another airline in order to reach Lahore on time.

I have been a regular user of this airline and its the first time that I have gone through such an experience. I hope that the airline customer care will understand my situation ,hence I dearly request you to refund my ticket payments as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Sender’s Name,

Flight number, Seat Number,


Letter to Claim Insurance from the Bank Company for Delayed Flight

Bank Name,

Credit Division,

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I, sender’s name________(bank Id), recently traveled from Lahore to Abu Dahbi due to a very important business meeting. Originally I had booked a return ticket from the _______(Airline name) which had costed me a total of $1140. Unfortunately, as I was waiting for my flight, it was announced that it was delayed for 2 hours. The flight was further delayed for 4 hours. As my meeting was the next day I had to book another flight.

I have asked for a total refund from the airline company,but without any proper reasoning, they rejected my claim of compensation for the delay of the flight. I contacted them again but haven’t received a reply.

I have been facing financial issues recently and $1140 is a lot of loss for me at such a critical moment. I hope that you will provide me with insurance for this loss.

The payment information of the flight as well as the letter of rejection to refund has been attached to this letter. Please get back to me if there are any other documents that will have to provide.

Yours Sincerely,

Sender’s Name,

Bank ID,


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