Request Letter to appoint a New Employee

Sample Request Letter by HR Department to Hire a new Employee for the Company

Example of Request Letter to Hire  A New Employee


The HR manager, Nestle

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to request you to provide us a graphic designer as the new campaign is about to start and there is a lot of work load, in order to finish the tasks the department needs 2 graphic designers. Kindly recruit a new graphic designer as soon as possible as we are running out of time. We have mailed you the eligibility criteria list as well for the hiring process. We shall be thankful to you for a quick response.


Media department, Nestle

Request Letter to Appoint a New Employee

To: Mr. Bradley
CEO – Mac’s Convenience Store, 45 Avenue
Nevada, United States

Dear Mr. Bradley,
Here at Mac’s Convenience Store we are extremely understaffed. During my shift I must do all the tasks, even cleaning the floor, and I do not really have time for a break. I respectfully request that you appoint a new employee to work alongside me. It would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Hailey Ava


Sample Letter Request for Substitute Teacher

Format of sample request letter to send to principal for asking to appoint a teacher as substitute because our teacher is not coming to school since weeks due to domestic issues. Extra teacher of the school is also remain busy.

Request Letter To Principal For Substitute Teacher


The principal, Bloom field school

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to you to make a request regarding English teacher for class 10th. As we all know that Mr. shawn George is on medical leave for 2 months and there is no other teacher available. Our final exams are also approaching and we need to cover the syllabus in 2 months.

We are already behind the schedule. I request you to provide us a new English teacher as soon as possible so we can continue with the course. I shall be looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Sam

Class 10th C

Sample Letter Request for Substitute Teacher

 Dear Principal,

With due respect, I wrote this letter to request you for a substitute teacher for our Mathematics classes when the subject teacher is not present. Due to some personal reason Miss Saima, our mathematics teacher, is often absent and as you know that Mathematics is a major subject so it is very difficult for our class to learn and practice the topic without complete lectures.

During the free lectures, students are either playing inside the classroom or going to the playground even though Miss Saima gives us work to complete in that time. Our mid terms are near and if this keeps on going then unfortunately the average of our class would be quite less. For this reason, I request you to kindly allocate a substitute teacher in absence of Miss Saima, so that all of the student complete their work and we can finish our syllabus in time.

I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards;

Fatima Aamir

Grade 9

Sample Letter Request for Substitute Teacher

To: Principal Williams – McKay High School
Braymer, Minnesota, United States

I am writing this letter to request a substitute teacher for the next few weeks. My wife is expected to give birth soon, and the delivery will be a C-section. She will be bedridden for a significant amount of time and, as you can imagine, I must take care of her.
Please get back to me as soon as possible so that we may arrange this.

Many thanks,
Mike Karana
Braymer, Minnesota, United States

Appointment Letter for Patient

Sample doctor appointment letter confirmation. Follow up doctor appointment letter. Sample doctor appointment reminder letter. Doctor appointment letter to patient. Hospital appointment letter sample. Patient appointment reminder letter.

Appointment Letter for Patient

Dear Mr. Love,

I am writing to you to confirm you hospital appointment. This is held at Great Yarmouth Hospital on the 03.01.XX at 10.00 am. I would just like to remind you that you have to bring someone with you that can drive and look after you for the 24 hours after your appointment they will also have to fill out some forms and make sure that they bring photo ID.

You also cannot eat or drink anything for the past 4 hours before your appointment just for safety reasons. I look forward to seeing you then.

Kind regards,


Appointment Letter for Patient

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of National Clinic. We have gone through your application and all details about your patient. This is to inform you that your appointment with Dr. Muhammad Qazi Hassan has been scheduled on 10th February, Saturday at 2pm. Please come on time and bring all the reports of patient and medical details along with CNIC with you.

For further details please contact Miss Zainab. (Personal assistant to Dr. Qazi)


National Clinic

Appointment Letter for Patient

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Torrent,

I am writing to you because I would like to confirm your appointment of the third of May 20XX. This is at the Great Yarmouth hospital. You’re scheduled to have x-rays of your body and a MRI scan. This will be at nine in the morning. You will need to park the visitor’s car park and when you arrive let reception know and they will give you your token. This will allow you to walk around freely if you need to go into the garden or outside for any reason.

If you are not able to make it then by law you are required to call 24 hours before and inform us that you wish to cancel this is better for you to reschedule. I hope that you can make it and that I look forward to seeing you on this date.

Kind regards,

Doctor Edward Patterson

Sample Email to Cancel Appointment

How to cancel an appointment politely.  Apology letter for cancellation of meeting. Email of cancelling appointment due to emergency or illness.

Sample Email to Cancel Appointment

 To Whom It May Concern

Respect Sir/Madam,
Our scheduled appointment was of today but due to some emergency/urgent piece of work, I am sorry to notify you that we will have to cancel our scheduled appointment. I am sorry for any inconvenience. However I will make sure to reschedule our appointment as soon as I can and notify you respectively.

With sincere apologies and best wishes,

Email to Cancel Appointment

With due respect Miss Linda; hope you are doing well in health. I’m sending you this email so that I can inform you about the cancellation of your appointment of meeting with Sir John Neil, as he have to go out of country for some important project work. I know it’s a bit odd to cancel it at very last day but we have to do it.

We will tell you next date of appointment soon.


Team Tran cure (company’s name)

Sample Email to Cancel Appointment

Dear Madam/Sir,

Last week, I called you to arrange my meeting with the visa counselor at RMT Enterprise. You set the appointment on 25th September 2018 at 11 AM PST.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to the meeting due to sudden death of a very close relative of mine. I am at my village and won’t be back until next week. I am sorry to inform you this to you on such a short notice. Also, I request you to please shift the appointment on some other day. I will surely by back by 1st Oct 2018 and as you know that deadlines for applications are near so kindly set an appointment as early as possible. I will be looking forward to your response.

Best Regards;

Fatima Aamir

23rd September 2018

Sample Email to Cancel Appointment

To: Dynamic Life Clinic
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

I am writing in regards to my scheduled appointment with Dr. Scott on October 12th.
Due to personal reasons, I wish to cancel this appointment.

I will be sending an email in a few days in regards to rescheduling for a later date.

Adam Kane
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Sample Email to Cancel Appointment

Respected Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this email to inform you to please cancel my appointment with the HR Director scheduled for 15th November, 2018. I am taking a leave due to my father’s illness and will not be attending the office for at least a week. I have sent the director an email on my behalf informing him about the situation, but please do inform him from your side too.

I hope you will acknowledge my situation and cancel the appointment.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

HR Employee

Official Letter for Appointing New Employee

Official letter for appointing a b17 grade officer in local govt office. He is General accountant before. Letter should be in the name of secretory of province. Requisition for appointing B 17 officer Notification sample.

Sample of Appointment Notice Template


Mr. David Helton,

Secretary of State,

San Francisco. California

Subject: Appoint Mr. Hunter Morrison as Junior Clerk in Municipal Office

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that Mr. Hunter Morrison is being appointed to the post of Jr. Clerk in Municipal Office. He has passed the written test and interview and was the only person who met the standards set by the jury. He was general accountant in a private organization. So according to the directions of Mayer of the state, Mr. Morrison be immediately given the charge of Jr. Clerk in the former mentioned office with effect from 3rd June, 2016.

We are looking forward to immediate response.


Mr. Kennedy Watson,

Secretary to Mayer,


Job Appointment Letter for New Employee

Mr. Parker

New Jersey. USA

Dear Sir,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have been selected to be appointed as Assistant Accounts Officer in this organization. Your job responsibilities include: Maintaining individual accounts, preparing bank reconciliation statement, maintaining tax record and working in collaboration with the Senior Accountant in preparing annual financial statements. You will report to the Accounts Manager.

You will be given a gross salary of $4500 per month in addition to pension and medical facilities. You will have to work for 7 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Kindly, confirm your appointment by joining the office from Monday.

I hope that you will turn out to be a great asset for our team.



Sample Job Rejoining offer letter for Employee, Teacher Etc

Letter to a recent employee offering him to rejoin the Company or firm based on some new terms and conditions and increments in the salary and other benefits. Sample of best Job rejoining offer letter to teacher, principal, director or headmaster etc.

Letter to Director for Rejoin the Job in College

Dear Sir,

Our college would feel an honor if you would rejoin our college as a director. As due to some misunderstandings you left your position two months ago, after which we realized that you had a large contribution in the success of our institute. So we request you to rejoin our institute for betterment of the institute and its students.

Sincerely Yours,

Manager HR

Rejoining Letter from Company/Employer

Dear Madam,

This letter is to request a rejoining as inventory manager in our company. You had asked a leave for your maternity period of two months which is almost going to end within two weeks. We request you to rejoin our company as inventory manager. As our company is very satisfied from your work and wishes to have eligible people like you. You would be given all the comforts that are given to such lady employees after this period within the employment contract.

You may leave the office after the lunch time. You can take leave for any appointments from the doctor for you or your child. Pick and drop services in case of no conveyance. You may also bring the newly born child to office if you think appropriate.

Sincerely Yours,

Sonia Jameel

Head HR

Job Rejoining offer letter from Company to Previous Employee

Dear employee,

This is Bob William, General Manager Sales from POLKA writing. We received your resignation letter from post of senior sales president on 6th of July, 2015. It is my pleasure to inform you that we have reconsidered you for the same very post from which you resigned. No one which came on that post was able to meet the criteria of the work which you did while your stay at the firm.

We are re-offering you that job along with 15% increase in the monthly pay. There is also a 20% increase in the annual allowances which company assigned to you previously. The successful completion of the projects which took place under your supervision was quite valuable to us and we really look forward to welcome you again for this post. We are expecting a prompt reply.

I hope that after reading this letter you will glad to come back to our company. Please reply to letter soon as company is going through a lot of trouble due to absence of anyone at this post. We look forward to welcome you in POLKA.

Thank you

Best regards

Bob William

Sample Job Rejoining offer letter for Old Employee
Sample Job Rejoining offer letter for Old Employee

Job Offer Letter to Previous Employee

Respected Ahmed Khan,

I hope you are doing great in health. I am writing this letter to you from BDS (company’s name), I am working there as project Manager, Mr. Naeem Abbasi has told me about your work and experiences, and I am really impressed after hearing your all records. Sir I want you to join our company. I will send you the details about the company and projects. Please give me your feedback on that and also tell me whether you want to do work with us or not.

I hope you will not reject this offer as we will offer you the best salary package too.

Waiting for your reply


Project head,
Amjad Maqsood

Offer Letter to Someone for his Services

Proposal for affordable housing unit, for a low income

Dear Mr. Bugsy Malone,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss your service. I have just started my own business and company. The type of company it is we offer peoples the chance to restart their life after a natural disaster such as tsunami or typhoon. We give them the chance to get a new home or help them rebuild their old ones.

Most of the time they want new ones in which case we send our scouts out to look for the right area and try to come up with a deal. However in the case of them wanting to rebuild we don’t necessarily have the man power or resources to do that. This is because we have just started this company. I would like to offer you the chance to work with me and my company as I need your type of services and skills to give people a better home.

If you would like you have a temporary contract to see, if you like the company and the work. I would love to have you be a part of the progression of this company’s future and progression. I hope you will consider this and I look forward to hearing back your response.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Fox Truman

Confirmation Letter for Appointment in Email

Sample Confirmation Letter for Appointment with the CEO, President, Manager, Boss, Business Meeting Appointment or appointment with school principals, college principals, NGOs, Non Profit organizations etc.

Letter to Fix Appointment Time

Respected Sir/ Madam
Greetings from OBTC

My name is Anila Azmat and I am working as a “Community Service Coordinator” in OBTC College for women. I am writing you to show my keen interest in your organization, which is already working for the betterment of the community.

Community service has been made mandatory for under graduate students in OBTC College, as we want our students to learn about assisting in providing services to poor, disadvantaged, and other individual or groups unable to secure assistance to address critical problems. In this regard students are required to spend 100 hours in community service.

During summer we would like our students to assist you in your community work. We are also open to any suggestions or any other area of work where you think our students will be able to assist you and your organization in any way.

I will appreciate if you can give me some time and we could meet in person and discuss this program in detail. You can fix an appointment, from Tuesday- Friday, 9 am – 2 pm. It is requested to please confirm me the appointment at least two days before so that I can make some official arrangements for my transportation.

Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards

Community Service Coordinator

Confirmation Letter for Appointment for Meeting
Confirmation Letter for Appointment for Meeting

Appointment Letter for selected Cricket Team Player

Respected Sir,

We are writing this letter to you so that we can inform you about the results of auditions for cricket team under nineteen. As you have given the audition on first day of audition that was on 25th of august at 5 p.m. We are gladly telling you that you are short listed for cricket team. You have to visit our office next week on 3rd October at 2 p.m. so that we can share some details about your next round that is for the selection of captain.

So be on time and bring your CNIC and two passport size photographs along with your educational documents because we need this for our official records. See you on Wednesday.

All the very best


Muhammad Adnan

Senior Member

Appointment for meeting letter request to Managers, Doctors, Companies in email available for download.

Job Offer Letter Sample

Sample Job Offer Letter for hiring employees on permanent basis or contract basis.

Sample Job Offer Letter from School

Dear Mr. Smith

I am very pleased to refer to the job application submitted by you for the job as an English teacher in our institution which has been considered and you have been selected for this post. You are therefore advised to visit our office along with your original academic qualification and experience certificates at on the coming Monday.

Yours sincerely,

Raheeq Abbas

Job Offer Letter Format

Date: _____________
Ref: _____________
Mr/Ms: _____________
S/D/o: _____________
Address: Leads, United Kingdom.

Subject: Job offer Letter for the Post of Senior Teacher

I am pleased to inform you that with reference to your interview dated 23rd Oct, 20__ at OBTC, you have been selected for the post of Senior Teacher on the following terms and conditions.
1. You will be on probation period of three (3) months from the date of joining.
2. During probation, you will also be given on job training.
3. Your performance will be evaluated during training and probation period. During probation period, on unsatisfactory performance, your appointment can be terminated without notice.
4. This is a contract appointment for period of two years which can be extended or reduced by mutual agreement. Detailed letter of appointment will be given to you at the time of joining the duty.
5. Your monthly salary will be $12,500 per month.
6. Company will deduct Rs. 2,500 per month from your salary during probationary period while this deduction will be reduced to Rs. 2,000 per month after successful completion of probation period. This deduction will be discontinued as soon as it reaches equivalent to two (2) months salary.
7. This security amount will be returned to you as per organizational policy, at the end of your employment.
8. You are supposed to arrange for your transportation. Organization offers transportation facility subject to availability with payment according to distance.

Mujataba Khan
Manager HR

If you agree to these terms and conditions, please report to join by 15.11.____. If you fail to join by the date, the job will be offered to candidate next on merit. Feel free to communicate for any further information.

Signature: _______________
Date: ___________________

Job Offer Letter Sample
Job Offer Letter Sample

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Appointment Letter For Job in Word Free Download

Sample Appointment Letter For Job in Word for Micro-finance Officer. Appointment letter format for temporary employees.

Appointment Letter Format for Employee

Robert & Co.
Mr. David Warner
North Street Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Warner

It is a great pleasure for me to inform you that you have been selected by the governing board of the company for the post of HR Manager. We wish you best of luck with this new job.

You are directed to report in the north wing of the company to Mr. Carlos who will be your trainer on September 12th 20XX sharp at 9:00 am.

I once again congratulate you for your achievement. I hope you will enjoy your experience in our company.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact us on this number 67474823478 in case of any quires.


Joy Root
HR Executive

Job Appointment Letter

Ms. Hammna Bibi
Gulberg III,
Contact No.

Dear Ms. Hammna,

With reference to your application for employment and subsequent interview, we are pleased to offer you employment with The First Bank Limited as Micro-finance Officer with effect from December 15, 20XX subject to receiving satisfactory references from two persons not related to you, clearance and reference from previous employers, and acceptable medical examination reports. Your organizational grade will be BG III.


Your employment will be governed by the rules applicable to the staff of the Bank and as amended from time to time.


You will export to Branch Manager or any other person designated by him.


The offer is conditional upon your being prepared to work and to travel or stay in any part of Pakistan or abroad as the Bank may require. Your services may be seconded by the Bank or any other organization or entity as the Bank may think fit from time to time.

Your first posting shall be at New Lahore Branch.


Your monthly gross salary will be Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only). This incorporates all statutory wage adjustments applicable to your compensation. Breakdown of your gross salary will be provided later on.

Facilities such as leave, gratuity and provident fund will be provided to you from the date of confirmation, in line with the Bank’s policies, with may be revised from time to time.


You will be eligible for medical benefits in line with the Bank’s policy.


You will be on a probationary period of three (3) months. During probation, you will be required to undergo job training. Your appointment will be confirmed on satisfactory completion of the training and probationary period.


Your services during the probation period will be terminable at one week’s notice. On confirmation of your services, termination notice will be of One(1) month from either side, or pay one month Gross Salary in lieu of the notice period.


Your remuneration will be reviewed in accordance with the Bank’s policy and will be based on the evaluation of your performance.


Taxes on your salary will be deducted in accordance with Pakistan Tax Law each month. Filing of personal tax returns will be your responsibility.


You shall not disclose or divulge except to persons having authority to require such disclosures under the law, any confidential information with respect to the Bank and also matters related to the customers of the Bank.

The obligation of confidentiality shall survive the expiration or the termination of this agreement. You have agreed not to do anything, which would prejudice the interest of the Bank. The terms of this offer are confidential and form the basis of a contract between you and the Bank.

An additional copy of the letter is enclosed. If you accept this offer of employment on the conditions outlined above, please sign the duplicate copy in confirmation and return to us immediately.

All of us at The First Bank Limited look forward to a mutually rewarding association with you.

Sincerely yours,

M. Samiullah
Acting Head, HR & Training

I have read the foregoing letter and I accept the offer on the conditions outlined above.

Appointment Letter For Job in Word Free Download
Appointment Letter For Job in Word Free Download

Date:                                              Signature:

Appointment Letter for Teacher From School

Sample Appointment Letter for Teacher Job from school free download. Format of teaching appointment letter is free and very good example for school, college and academy teachers.

Job Appointment Letter to Teacher

The City School,
Gulberg, Lahore,

Respected Miss Nicholas,

It is to inform you that on the basis of your education and other skills, our School has decided to appoint you as a teacher. Please confirm other details related to your job from the administration block of our School.


School Management

Appointment Letter for School Teacher Job

Respected Sir,

This letter is written to you as an appointment letter for the job of our school. You have been selected as the teacher to our junior classes. You are requested to join as soon as possible.


Beaconhouse School System

Teacher Appointment Letter

Ms. Minahil Qasim
Assistant Teacher Physics
LGS School


Dear Ms. Minahil Qasim,
I am pleased to inform you about your selection and teaching job confirmation for the post of Assistant Teacher for Physics for A Level at LGS school with the effect from 13 April 20XX. All the terms and conditions with other benefits are mentioned on the attached employment agreement form.

I congrats you and welcome you on behalf of all the teaching and administration staff of LGS School. Now you are the family member of LGS teaching staff and I hope that we together will work very hard to achieve the goals of our school.

Sincerely yours,

Manager HR Services

Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Dear Ms. Kanza, Congratulations!
This is to notify for your appointment as English teacher from 18 July 20XX. We welcome you on behalf of our school, teachers and administration staff members at faculty of Beacon House School System.

Please report to your section head Mrs. Tanzeela on 18th July with your original educational certificates. You are also requested to fill the enclosed employment biodata form required for this job and submit it to the HR Department.

Your probation period is for three months starting from 18th July 20XX. After your probation you will be able to get all the benefits officer by school to its permanent faculty members. We wish you best of luck.


Head HR Department

Appointment Letter for School Administrator

Dear Ms. Fatima, Congratulations!

With reference to your interview on 12th July 20XX. You are requested to join our school immediately as administrator and report to HR Department. All terms and conditions are enclosed with this appointment letter. We again congratulates you for your appointment on behalf of teaching and administration staff.


Head HR Department

Appoinment Letter for Teacher From School
Appoinment Letter for Teacher From School

Sample appointment letter for school teacher, principal, private school teacher, secondary school teacher in India, Pakistan, Europe, USA, UK, EU, UAE and middle east countries. Best letter of appointment for hiring teachers for school job at any position with salary and confirmation of job offer.

Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher

Respected Ms. Laraib Sami,

Writing this letter on behalf of OBTC School System, we are pleased to inform you that on grounds of your interview and the tests that you qualified, the school management offers you an opportunity to serve as a computer teacher at our school. The salary offered to you is Rs. 40,000 per month. Its an honor for us to hire a competitive candidate like you. You are advised to give proper notice of your intention if you want to join the job offered by us.

Thank you

Principal & Signatory

Teaching Appointment Letter Sample

On behalf of The Trust School, Sabzazar campus, we are hereby pleased to let you know that the School Management Committee is offering you an exciting opportunity to serve as a Junior School Teacher at our campus. You are selected on merit after conduction of your test, interview and demonstration.

The monthly salary offered to you is PKR 17000/- with free pick and drop service. It is a best opportunity for you to work in a competitive and challenging environment and prove yourself as well as avail the chance of grooming yourself.

Please let us know about your consent by a formal thanks letter within one week, if u wish to join the school with the salary and services offered. Thank you

Appointment Letter for School Teacher
Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Appointment letter for School Teacher of any subject like computer, math, English, science, physics, chemistry, biology of any position like senior teacher, junior teacher, or principal etc.