Inquiry Letter for Advertisement Request and Rates

Request letter to super store, super market or mall for inquiring advertising rates and advertising mediums and suggestions that how we can advertise to attract customers at large.

Sample Letter for Advertisement Request

Dear Ahmad ,

Thank you very much for sparing your time and meeting with us. As discussed I am writing to request for planning a campaign for Rising Star within the Packages Mall.

Packages Foundation have strong relationship with Rising Star and supporting us since long. Our main head office is just behind the packages mall in XX, DHA, Lahore. We hope to continue this relationship for enriching business opportunities.

We are approaching you to design a promotional campaign for Rising Star within the mall on discounted rates. And we wish to utilize the following mediums available in the mall during May and June 2018.

  • TVC on LED Screens
  • Standees/Banners
  • Advertisements in Parking Area
  • Promotional Stalls

Looking for your support and plan to launch this promotional activity successfully. Your suggestions in this regard are highly welcome as you know all of your promotional mediums very well.

I also request you and your team to visit our main head office for any further business opportunities we can launch in near future.

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Samiullah

Manager Resource Development

Inquiry Letter for Computer Course

Request letter for course details. Course inquiry email sample. Letter of inquiry computer course. Sample letter requesting information about computer course.

Inquiry Letter for Computer Course

Dear college principle,

I am writing to you because I would like to inquire about a computer course. My name is Sharon West and I would like to go on a computer type course that will help me improve and challenge my ICT skills. Firstly when does it start and finish? Is it full time or part time? How many people are allowed on the course? Do you provide work experience? Are we graded with exams or Assignments?

Do you have college trips for example trip to the computer technology center? And finally do you have any space on the course for me? All of these I would like to inquire about. If you could reply as soon as possible, I can make a decision with all the knowledge.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Paris Fair

Inquiry Letter for Computer Course

Respected Sir,

As I visited your school yesterday and I got all information about courses but forget to collect information about computer courses. I’m out of town and couldn’t able to come before 12th and your online date submission date for courses is 10th, so please send me details about your computer courses so that I can decide and apply for course. It would be a huge favor.

Waiting for your mail


Anam Khan

Inquiry Letter for English Speaking Courses

Inquiry Letter for English Speaking Courses to institute, academy, university, foreign college etc.

Inquiry Letter for English Speaking Courses

Dear Great Yarmouth College,

I am writing to you because I would like to inquire about what English speaking courses that you have. I am Spanish born in Spain with my whole family history in Spain. I would like to know if there are any English speaking courses because I want to learn better English and learn something new.

I would like to go on a course about animals and I would like it to be all in English. I do know Basic English but I would like to learn it in more detail. If you could reply soon before college starts again I would much appreciate it so that I can make a decision on what you say.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Aaron Trump

Letter Asking for English Speaking Courses

Dear coordinator,

I am writing to you because I would like to get some information on some of the English speaking courses that you provide. I am in school and I’m almost finished and I need to apply for college. I would like to attend a college with plenty of English speaking courses so that I can learn English easy.

I moved into the United Kingdom in the middle of my final year in school with my family. I moved from France so I know how to speak French. However I have trouble speaking English so I would like to learn. I only know the basic of English and most of the time I am pointing at stuff or using hand gestures just to get my point across or talk with someone.

I hope that you can help and provide me with the relevant information that I need to make a decision. I look forward to hearing your reply.

Kind regards,

Miss. Claire Poppy

Inquiry Letter for English Speaking Courses

I have come across your institute, and got to know that you offer English speaking courses. I am very keen to study abroad and mainly In United States of America. As you know that there are multiple criteria for getting enrolled in any foreign university. Of those criteria, one is English language test; some countries take IELTS results into consideration before the get us enrolled in their institution.

Moreover, we know that we need exceptional English speaking skills to get good grades and repute in the university. I am very profound to know about the courses you offer regarding my needs.


Letter Asking about English Speaking Courses

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can ask for the English language speaking course you are offering in your institute. Please also send me the details about duration, fee and course syllabus.

It would be great if you can mail me these all within this week so that I can decide whether to take admission or not.

Waiting for your reply


Haider Abbas

Inquiry Letter to Principal

Application to principal asking for reason about child’s admission rejection.

Email for Information about Admission

Hello there

Hope you’re fine and doing well. We want to visit your institute during 21-23 February 2018, please can you let us know what time will be feasible for you. Please give us the time slot for visiting. We will come from Manchester those days. We have autistic son 4 and a half years old and we want to shift back to Pakistan and we found your institute interesting and we appreciate your work.

Kind regards

Sabiha Hussain

Inquiry Letter to Principal


The Prinicipal,

Nimra College of Arts,

University Road  Sharjah.

Venerated Sir,

This is most respectfully stated that today my son named Vicky Adams visited your prestigious institution to get an update on his admission application to Bsc. Medical group. However, he was disappointed to see his name on the rejection list pasted on the notice board. He tried to get some information regarding the rejection but the Administration Department could not give any satisfactory answer.

Please note that he had submitted all the required documents with his application and received a call in the last week to come and deposit the fee.

Kindly investigate the issue and update me via email because I’m currently abroad due to a business assignment.

Best Regards,

Adam Gil,

Father of: Vicky adams

Email Inquiry Letter to Principal

Dear principle,

I am writing to you because would like to inquire about doing some extracurricular activity outside of college that can also be accounted for some of my final grade at the end of the year or maybe it can be my work experience. I was hoping also that if you would allow this then can you help me as I don’t have the right contacts and I haven’t don’t this before so I would like some help.

I would also like to inquire about some documents like my last exam results certificate. Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,


Inquiry Letter Format Sample Free Download

Format of Inquiry Letters for business, schools, companies, jobs, products by individuals.

Sample Inquiry Letter to School

Dear Sami Sahib,

Some of our students have expressed an interest in doing an internship over the summer with AH Foundation. Kindly let me know when the internships will begin and the process for applying.


Aoa. I am an A levels student studying at Lahore Grammar School. I want to join The AHF Foundation Summer Internship Program. I have been calling on the contact numbers given on you website but no one picks up. I want to ask when are the internships starting and are the timings going to be. I am really interested in joining this program. Kindly reply to my email. I am also giving my contact number here.

Alina Sarwar

Inquiry Letter for Community Services

I’m doing Bachelors in media studies semester 3 from Kinnaird College . I would want to know if I can volunteer at your school for my 2 weeks ‘ community service requirement from college .


Inquiry Letter for Summer Internship

I am currently doing A’Levels from Lahore Grammar School. I wanted to know whether I am eligible for the summer internship program being held in July. Awaiting your reply.
Thank You
Zara Zafar


Dear Madam,

After thoroughly researching your organisation I have been inspired to apply for the summer internship. I have attached my application for the summer internship above and am looking forward to hearing from you soon

Kind regards,
Natalia Lone

Inquiry Letter for Possibilities

Dear Sir/Maam
Assalam O Alaikum,
I have called on those numbers as well but no one is picking up! Please email me the details as soon as possible or else my friends and I can do an internship somewhere else.
Namrah Naveed

Inquiry Letter for Procedure

Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m an A level student, currently studying at Lahore Grammar School (1-A/1). I would like to find out the procedure regarding your summer internship program.

I’ll be waiting for your earliest reply.
Thank you.
Ayesha Maqsood.

Reply to Inquiry Letter

Dear Sami Sahib,

Thank you for the email.

I am afraid that I have been unable to locate the ticket books.  After an extensive search we have been unable to find them and it seems that when Mr Fayyad left, the papers that he left behind were shredded and probably these ticket books were among-st these papers. I can only apologize for the inconvenience caused.

I have attached at your request the photographs of the Cash Presentation to the team.

May I also take this opportunity to remind you that we still have not received the receipt for the cash and require this for our records.  I would appreciate it if you could send this to me as soon as possible.

Please pass on my regards to the rest of the team.

Warm regards,

Inquiry Letter Format Sample Free Download
Inquiry Letter Format Sample Free Download