Misuse of Mobile Phones by Students

Sample essay on misuses of mobiles phones by students in schools, colleges, universities etc.

This is an essay about the good and bad of mobile phone and how people have miss-used them over time in the modern age. I’m going to give some examples when phones have had an effect on people especially in the twenty first century.

More than half of the whole population of USA owns a mobile phone. And half these are students that use them in class and disrupt others. What do they do on their phones while in class? Well they are texting their family or friends. Social media like Facebook or Twitter, dating websites and so on. This can be a bad thing as dating sites offer sexual criminals the chance to commit a crime if you meet them in person. However this can also be the place that you meet the love of your life the one you decide to marry. You just have to be careful and take caution. This outcome is mostly bad and rarely good. Students are risking their education and potentially their future.

The internet is the biggest way for bullies to bully others this is called cyber bullying. And seeing that three quarters of the world’s population have a phone also have internet on their phone this has a bad effect on each generation with it getting worse with each. Law states NOT to use your mobile phone while driving yet people still do and this causes accidents and deaths.

Scientist have studied that mobile phones leek a bit of radiation which is harmful but with modern times people use them more and more this will eventually lead to just enough reduction to harm your health. Mobile phones can be a good thing as in the modern day more and more men are stalking women. If a woman is walking down an empty street and she feels someone following her. The mobile phone can be used to send that person away because they see that she is on the phone taking with someone and they don’t want to risk it. This can be a good thing.

When people are texting their friends and family they are using texting language like abbreviations such as “LOL or srsly” this has a very bad effect of the English language and in some schools they do allow their students to use this in their exams. However it can be a good thing for young kids to learn easier.

My conclusion is that people in the modern day do misuse their mobile phones. Phones nowadays are bad however they can also be good thing for women and also for kids to keep in contact with their parents while at school.

Misuse of Mobile Phones Essay in English

Misuse of Mobile Phone

In the fast pace of 21st century, technology is the part of everyone’s life. Things have become much more convenient. In the past, people faced many problems to perform simple calculation and day to day task but with the invention of mobile phone everything is just one tap away.

The world has turned into global village, anyone can communicate with each other, even if they live poles apart. Mobile phones have brought people closer and made things easy. The tasks which were complicated and time taking are now performed within the blink of an eye. Another important aspect is its use in the field of education, now the students have access to numerous amounts of websites where they can easily gather information regarding their subjects. With all the positive aspects and brighter side of mobile phone there are many negative aspects that can’t be ignored.

Mobile phones have their own pros and cons. The biggest dilemma of our society is that mobile phones are now accessible to everyone even children of age 5 or 7 are also found immersed in the usage of mobile phones. The biggest misuse of phone is for the social media which has become very popular in our youth. You can find almost anyone on different social media platforms where young people are indulged in competing with each other for material things. Everyone wants to capture a picture of anything they eat or buy and later they post it on the social media just to flaunt off their social status, due to which many other people who belong to the lower strata of society gets involved into inferiority complex and face depression in their life.

Excessive usage of mobile phone has adverse effects on the health of people. Children at a very young age are affected by weak eyesight. While sleeping at night people keep their phones closer to them and the harmful rays of the mobile phone radiations affects their brain, as a result brain tumor or brain cancer is becoming more common in the population. People spend their free time on mobile phones instead of taking rest which adds more fuel to the fire of medical problems.

Apart from health, mobile phones are also affecting the relationships. In the past people used to meet and greet each other on special occasions such as birthdays, New Year’s, eid festive etc but now all they do is send a message through their mobile phones, due to which physical contact is lost as a result when people are in dire need no one really approaches them. A certain distance is created between family members because when they sit together instead of spending time with each other, they spend their time on useless and baseless chats on mobile phone.

There is a beautiful saying, “Realize it before you lose.” This quotation is relevant in the 21st century as we all are so deeply involved in our gadgets like mobile phones that we do not even realize the negative affect that it is bringing in our life and in our society as a whole. It is the hour of need when we should know the importance of reality, so that we may shift our focus from virtual world to real world.  Excess of everything is bad; if it is used in a correct manner we can enjoy our life as well as stabilize our relationships for a healthy future.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in School Essay

Sample essay on disadvantages and misuses of mobile phones in school, college, university or tuition centers. Detailed

Misuse of Mobile Phones Essay

Mobile phones are something you will see everywhere today, among children, senior citizens, laborers, workers of every kind. Mobile phones went viral faster than any other plague in the history of this world. However mobile phones have made their transformations from one form to another over the past couple of months.

When the first of the mobile phones came out, there was a sense of shock among people. People were shocked to see a handy gadget that went on further to replace landline phones. But you can say that their shock was expected. Anything that’s big in size suddenly is handed over to you, telling you that it does the same work as that big landline but when you look it, you see a small device with some numbers printed on it.

Mobile phone revolutionized the face of communications among people. You couldn’t carry your landline anywhere but you sure can carry your mobile phone anywhere you desire. You are literally carrying a mean of communication in your pocket. All you have to do is take your mobile phone out, call the number you desire, have your conversation, and it isn’t even that expensive.

Mobile phones changed their forms from a simple flip phone all the way to the smartphones we use today. Smartphones took over the flip phones as they were very easily replaceable. The question arises? Are smartphones replaceable and the answer is NO! , no for now, we don’t know what might happen in future but for now smartphones is the easiest way of communication.

We are in the age of technology where everything around you is made up of some technological agenda or is using some technology in its use / making. Smartphones were the main reason why we call the modern age, the age of technology. We now know that mobile phones have made our lives easier, but anything that advantages also comes with some disadvantages.

Mobile phone itself has no disadvantages but when you look beyond the vision inside of your everyday mobile usage, you will notice a few flaws in the use. Misusage of mobile phones is quite common these days; the biggest suspect behind this misuse is the social media.
We are social media slaves, everything we do, we see or wherever we go has to be updated on the social media for the whole world to see. Misusage of mobile phones also comprises of blasphemy content that offends anyone. Social media today is full of blasphemy content and all the started when mobile phones became more common than ever.

Misusage of mobile phones among children is quite typical now in today’s age. Even the 12 year olds today carry mobile phones with them everywhere they go, yes it’s a fact that mobile phones today have become a need for communication but don’t you think it’s actually diverting growing minds from the real worlds and dragging them further into the virtual worlds.

People today have not only become just a visual representation of themselves but their reality is slowing fading away in the winds of what we call technology. Mobile phones today carry every kind of facility, when you ask yourself for something you can’t do with your mobile phone i can bet that there is absolutely nothing you can come up with.

Misusage of mobile phones is also declining the ethical values we had amongst ourselves. Socializing with real people is not quite common now, and even private conversations happen on mobile phones and not in real. This is not only an arising problem today but this is a problem that is ruining the thought of the young ones that are attracted and use mobile phones on a daily basis.

I am not against the use of mobile phones or the existence of mobile phones but I am solely against the misuse of mobile phones, which is slowly indirectly affecting our health and our well-being.

Essay on Losing my Phone

Sample format of writing an essay on losing your phone and what happens when you realize its not there with you anymore.

The day I Lost my Phone Essay

It was a beautiful morning of October when I went to the university. Everything was going in a normal routine. I, after taking my major’s class decided to went to the cafeteria to get some tea along with refreshments to charge myself before the next lecture. I was standing at the cafeteria’s main gate when someone pushed me. Probably, it was by mistake or intentionally, God knows. The girl apologized to me and went from my way. I stood up and went inside the cafeteria. I ordered my tea and was paying for it while I saw my 2 friends coming along my way. I was worried to show their angry faces. They came closer and uttered in a taunting way that who needs a phone if you cannot even pick up the call. I in numb state was staring at them while my other friend inquired why your phone is going off. We called you multiple times. I immediately opened the bag to find my phone but sadly I couldn’t. Just in 5 minutes, I was confirmed that my phone has been lost or stolen. My friends after getting aware of the situation got a bit worried. They asked the cafeteria management to lock to exit gates so no one can leave the cafeteria while I was searching for my phone here and there. Within next 10 minutes the gates were closed and the girls were only allowed to leave cafeteria after getting their bags checked. The main exiting gates of university were also closed and the same checking took place there as well but all in vain. The one having my phone had probably left the university before than that. I got very depressed when I saw no clear signs of getting my phone back. I had bought that phone after saving my pocket money for months. Only the one with same sacrifice can understand my feelings. I called my father from my friend’s phone and told him about the situation. it was already 7th hour of my phone being lost. The number currently being off confirmed that it was in hand of someone who was not willing to give it back.  My father came to pick me up from the university and we went to the police station. We reported the case and forwarded the details of phone and sim card to PTA as well. I got my sim card blocked and got a duplicate copy of that in my hand. It’s been 3 months since my phone has been lost and there is still no sign of getting it back. I still feel grieved for the amount of data I lost along with the phone which included a lot of important contacts and some of my memorable photos. The only thing I learnt from this tragedy was that we should always take care of our things. No one is responsible for our assets except us.

Letter For Mobile Allowance

Sample Format to write a letter for mobile allowance to your company, marketing department or HR department and telling them to add it in your paid expense as well.

Letter For Mobile Allowance


The manager, Marketing Department

Respected sir,

With all my sincere respect, I am writing this letter to make a request that I need Mobile phone allowance, as you are aware of the nature of my job, I have to stay available of the phone throughout the day and also to stay in touch with all our partners. It is not possible for me to pay a huge amount of mobile phone bills. I request you to ponder upon my request and considering my issue grant me mobile phone allowance. I shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness. I am looking forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. John Shawz

Marketing department

Letter For Mobile Allowance

The Floor Manager,
XYZ Firm.

Respected Sir,
I was appointed as the sales manager last week here at your firm however there’s a small issue that I am facing. As you know the nature of my job is to be active on the phone at all times. Most of the time I myself have to make calls to clients which adds to my mobile phone bill greatly.

Sir all I ask is you to grant me mobile allowance because the calls I have to make daily for work purposes.

Approved request shall be highly appreciated.
Thanking you,

Letter for Mobile Allowance

To: William Rutherford
RASCO Research Ltd., Montreal, Canada

Dear Mr. Rutherford, as you know my work in the field as a microbiologist requires me to have mobile balance on my prepaid number at all times. I would like to kindly request that you recharge my number for the sum of $30, which should be enough for the next month.

Thank you,

Rebecca Robins
Microbiologist – RASCO Research Ltd.
Montreal, Canada

Request Letter for Mobile Phone to Boss

Sample letter requesting mobile phone from office for official use. You can request the cell number from office and with a smartphone for calling clients, receiving calls of clients etc.

Request Letter for Mobile Phone to Boss

Dear boss,

I am writing to you because I would like to request to have a company phone.  My job requires that I use my own phone so that I don’t miss out calls for future potential clients. It means that I have to have my personal number and give it to strangers. I don’t feel happy with this and neither does my husband.

I also don’t feel that it is my responsibility to buy a new phone with new number as I will only be using this for business reasons. I hope that you will listen to this and grant me this request as I can keep using my personal phone.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Reyna Bird

Request Letter for Mobile Phone to Boss

Respected sir / Ma’am,

I beg to say that, it’s been five years of employment has completed so, I think this tiny favor can be given to me, as I have lost my mobile phone I request you to buy me a new one. My performance is going well, so please accept my request regarding this issue. I am suffering from many difficulties due to losing my mobile phone. I will be very thankful to you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

X Y Z.

Misuse of Mobile Phone Essay

Introduction of misuse of mobile phone, misuse of mobile phone by students, misuse of cell phones project, use and misuse of mobile phones, misuse of mobile phones by youngsters, misuse of mobile phones wikipedia. Essay on uses and misuses of mobile phones in English.

Essay on Misuse of Mobile Phones

Introduction—a society was established by human beings in the past .In the beginning, people used to live in the caves. Then with the passage of time, societies were established .As the population multiplied, human beings got involved in different crimes. No doubt, inventions were made but these inventions were also misused and created many problems.

Today, we have mobile phones in our pockets for the sake of communication as a great blessing. But, there are also the dark sides of mobiles .There is no grain of salt in the usefulness of mobile phones but its missuses have brought great losses for humanity.

Shakespeare says that there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so. In fact, there are two aspects of everything that is good or bad. Man has invented a lot of things .An invention presents the usefulness of humanbeings.There was a time when man used to live in the jungle and caves. Then there started a steam of life and population came out of its boundaries. Today, it is an age of inventions and mobile phone has become a great achievement in this respect. However, we can’t ignore its fruitfulness but its misuses can be ignored. There are the following misuses of the mobile phones which are as following;

1-Corruption 2-Terrorism 3-Misusing of face book 4=Misuse in the examination 5=Data hacking 6=Chatting and wastage of time

Now we throw a light upon these misuses one by one.

As far as corruption is concerned, people have made mobiles as an effective weapon for corruption. They have adopted such methods that they can play with any person and exploit him there and then. Sometimes, they get the credit numbers and steal away the money illegally through the use of mobiles.

Terrorism has also become a great burning question of today. Terrorists are involved in their activities through the use of mobiles. In this respect, they send their hidden messages to the respective terrorists and give the instructions for suicidal attacks. In the same way, activities like bomb explosion are happening through the use of mobiles.

Mobile phones are also used in the misuse of face book. The users of face book hack the id of different people and exploit them. In this respect, negative propaganda in lieu of religion and social norms is practiced by the misusers of mobiles. In many countries some people are doing such practices which are involved to exploit the religious beliefs of the people.

Mobiles are also used to carry unfair means in the examination. Students are using mobiles to copy material which is helpful to get marks. In this context, there are the groups which are involved to make the candidates successful in the examinations. Data hacking has also been used in this regard.

Mobiles are also misused in connection with chatting and wastage of time .The youth is involved in chatting all the time .The young people make them involved in sharing their thoughts and expressing their ways of love all the time. The result brings a failure in their lives. These activities bring a great disastrous for the youth of country.

Misuse of Mobile Phone Essay

As Mobile Phone is the most important part of our lives now a day. So we’re going to discuss its some of most important advantages first then we’ll move toward its misuses. Mobile phones no doubt are very helpful for us, and we can’t live without it as it has become so much important. It helps us in difficult times as if we’re in emergency we can easily call to some of our friend. We can access to internet on phone by using mobile data or Wi-Fi to stay connected socially. We can make calls and messages to inform others about anything.

These are some of the important uses of phones, but where there are advantages, there are misuses as well. So the main misuse is that youth of our society is always attracts towards the wrong act, many of them use internet for wrong purposes they search restricted or banned sites. Or starts hacking account of others on social media or on any other site to reach to the personal information of people so that they can leak the information or blackmail them through that.

Another misuse of phone is that terrorists are using this for doing terrorism. These are most common and biggest misuses of mobile phones and these are dangerous as well. So the only solution about misuses is that we should teach children and society to use technology for their actual purposes.

Misuse of Mobile Phones in School/College

Write an application to the principal of your college complaining him about the misuse of mobile phones in the college campus. Misuse of mobile phones by youngsters. Misuse of mobile phones by students.

Complaint Letter for Misuse of Mobile Phones in Class

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to complain about the misuse of mobile phones on the college campus. I have a few points that I want to make examples of including some of your tutors while teaching.

Firstly the other day I witnessed in one of my lessons, our biology teacher shouted at a student as her phone rang while she was in a presentation. This has not been the first time this has happened, however this is the first time as I am aware that this call was urgent to the student and her phone was confiscated. 30 minutes later the teacher went outside leaving the class to their work and took a call. This is the misuse of mobile phones. This is my main point.

Secondly the amount of time the students use on social media websites when they should be studying. This can result in bad grades for the student’s bad reputation for the college and finally disruption in class for those students who want to learn and do well in life.

Finally it doesn’t matter how many examples I give, the point is students and teachers are misusing their phones in and out of class and on campus. I cannot ask you to ban phones totally but I just have a humble request that you take this subject up with the college committee and discus the ban of mobile phones in class and libraries.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter.

Yours sincerely


Misuse of Mobile Phones in Schools/Colleges

Concentration is the key element in the process of learning. But with the advance times where many things have become so easy to get, attention and concentration is a trait that now can be found in a very small fraction of people. The constant buzzing of mobile phone can now break anyone’s chain of thought now. The place that requires the highest level of focus is the educational institutes where students go for leaning and teacher go for teaching.

Any slight interruption from the outer world can break this sync very easily. Cell phones are a requirement of this age nobody can think a life without it now but its usage is something that is dependent on us. Using cell phones in schools and colleges violates the basic code of ethics. There are some places to do some things and then some are not.

The basic drawbacks for this excessive use of cell phones are the countless app that can take a person’s whole day without needing them does anything else. People who use mobile phones in colleges and schools are the young generation, the one who wants to stay hip at every cost which means making tons of account on every social networking website known to man and keeping it updated.

There should be first of all a timeout for all these apps in a day a shut down for an hour or two and secondly schools should have strict policy so that if one of them is punished in front all of them next time no one dares. And lastly there should be seminars conducted on the awareness of the negative side effects of using mobile phone all this time physically and mentally.

Hate Your Job? Start Business from Your Mobile Phone Today

Most of the job holders and job seekers don’t know how to start your own earning from mobile phones. Because when ever we think about business, many questions comes to mind like: Heavy investment, planning, risk of failure and losses, staff hiring, office place and rent, tax, loans, heavy credits in business, idea is not suitable, How I will survive if job lost and many more questions always stop us thinking to start any business.

From this article you will learn how to start earning from your smart mobile phone quickly. Smartphone business ideas can change your life without any investments.

Business Ideas with Mobile Phones

Below is the list of businesses you can start with your smartphone. We only discussed few selected mobile phone business opportunities.

YouTube Channel:

YouTube channel creation is easiest create and start earning. Following are the main areas to start and earn:

Informative Videos:

You can make informational videos as per your knowledge about a particular problem or topic. Like you can make a video about your profession to guide others whether to enter in your field or not. Further you can discuss the scope of your profession, problems and difficulties, future and who should join this profession and who shall not.

This is just an example you are free to make videos on any topic but make sure all shall be interesting and rich of knowledge and facts of the video must be real. If your video is good enough for others to learn about anything or something and it worth watching and spending time to watch you can monetize it and start earning from the YouTube with an Adsense account.

Educational Videos:

If you are a teacher you can record lectures of particular subjects according to your specialised subjects or you can criticise any teaching methods or appreciate the educations system whatever you know and can be valuable for others.

Record and monetise your videos and starting earning from YouTube channel. You can create videos for your own students, for other school students, you can teach syllabus books, and enjoy earnings.

Entertainment Videos:

You can make entertaining videos like prank videos or videos regarding any event to entertain the people and make them happy. You will be amazed from the results.

Video Tutorials:

If you are skillful you can make videos to teach the viewers for how do certain tasks, can solve problems, making things and much more can be added to this category like tutorial to use computers, repair computers, using software etc etc.

Adventurous Videos:

If you love adventures you can make videos to show your adventures to others like, racing on a car, touring a place, skydiving, writing memories, where people get involved emotionally. Give attractive title to your videos. Monetise and start earning.


Review Writing:

Your can write your expert advice about any product or service you have been used or you know well about the product or your friend is using and you know the whole story. This type of articles are high in demand and people always prefer to read about products/services before they buy. Monetise your blog with Adsense and start earning.

Guides to Do(tutorials)

You can write guides/instructions to solve problems, make goods, procedures to perform tasks and things related to people interests. Never imagine the this thing not need tutorials. Every tutorial is valuable and it depends how beautiful and easy way you create it.

Video Guides:

You can create video tutorials to perform the tasks and you can choose to write first all the procedure and than make a video to do the task. Many time people hesitate to read but love to watch video tutorials. So you should create both the options. it doesn’t matter other blogger offering same tutorial/guide you should make it by yourself in your own way and you can tell better way to perform the task.


Sales of Affiliate Platform Products,
Selling your items on Sales Platforms
Selling your services

SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing

You can use your mobile for sms marketing for clients. You can buy sms portal for bulk messaging or use any mobile for for bulk sms sending and offer your clients sms marketing service. For this purpose you can send promotional sms to prospective clients and offer them different packages and rates.

WhatsApp Marketing:

This is most demanding marketing tool now a days. Everyone have no idea to send bulk whatsapp message to the clients. You can google for whatsapp bulk messaging software and after learning and trial you can offer whatsapp marketing messages to your clients. Real estate is major sector interested in whatsapp marketing. This service is almost free for you and you can charge your clients even more rates than sms messages.

Mobile Apps:

Make Mobile app related to your core competency and offer the android and ios users any kind of content/service or support and earn money from ads or directly charging the users. You can also sale your app.

Mobile Games:

You can plan a mobile game, get it build and launch on android/ios for Entertainment and Education of People.

Mobile phone related business ideas to learn how to start a business on your phone. Businesses you can start from your smartphone are discussed.

Please mention your idea in the comments form below.

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Sample Letter for Change of Mobile Plan

Sample letter for change of mobile plan, converting postpaid to prepaid. Postpaid to prepaid letter/ application format here.

Application Format for Converting Postpaid to Prepaid

The Manager Operations,
ZONG Telecom
May 10,

Respected Sir,

I wish to apply for the change in my mobile plan from postpaid to prepaid, being a regular customer of your company since year 0000. I have to take this step on account of exceeded amount of bill which I have paid for last three months and all this happened because I don’t have check on my mobile plan.

Anyhow, I am not facing any kind of issues with respect to the services provided by your company. It is therefore requested that my mobile plan may please be changed into prepaid so that I could manage my monthly budget easily.

If you require any further information, please contact me on my mobile number.

Robert Frost,

Postpaid to Prepaid Conversion Letter E Mail

The manager, Zong network

Respected sir,

With due respect, it is to inform you that I want to switch my network plan from postpaid to prepaid account. I have provided all the required details along with this email. Kindly process my application urgently as I have to go out of the country. Thanks


Mr. Khalid Malik

Change My Postpaid Mobile Plan to Prepaid

Respected Sir,

I am writing this to you so that I can tell you that I am facing problem regarding to the billing of sim. Your professional workers from call center told me that I have to change my number from postpaid to prepay for two to three months so that your company can resolve the issue. So kindly change my postpaid mobile plan to prepaid, so that I cannot face any problem regarding to billing in future.

Hope you will do it soon.


Asim Khan