Sick Leave Application Written by Parents for Daughter

Sample sick leave written by parents to school principal for daughter due to fever, sickness, illness, cough, flue, medical checkup etc.

Medical Leave Application for Daughter Due to Medical Checkup

Harbor School

Respected Principal,

I am Mother of Minahil enrolment no. 57A, student of 10th grade in your prestigious school. She is not well and I am writing this leave application for her medical checkup. She is feeling sick with pain in right knee.

I request you to please approve one day leave for her and I will be thankful to you,


Mrs. Qasim

Sick Leave for Daughter by Mom Due to Fever, Cough & Flue

The Principal

Subject: Sick leave for two days

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully it is stated that my daughter Sara Ajmal student of Grade 3 is suffering from high grade fever, cough and a bad flu due to the weather changes. Kindly sanction her leave for two days so that she can take rest and recover her health speedily. Thanking you in anticipation.


Mrs. Saeeda

Letter to Grandparents about Education

Format of letter to your grandparents and telling them about your education routine and how it is shaping up your life.

Letter to Grandparents Regarding Value Based Education

To my dearest grandparents,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you of how my education is going and on what I have learned so far. Last year you sent me to a school that is value based. I have made lots of new friends that will be there for me always. Value based means that they teach us about the value of life. Teaches us the importance of things and how everything fixes together to survive.

Yesterday I learned that everything has a purpose and usefulness. For example how the moon help control the tide without the moon then the tides will be out of balance. Also the moon is a light during the night time. And without this how would we humans guide ourselves at night. There are many things I can say and many more things I have learned but I think that this is the most important. I hope you are well and I hope to see you soon at the summer holidays. Take care.

Kind regards,

Your loving granddaughter

Letter to Grandparents about Education

Dear grandma and grandpa,

How are you? I hope the both of you are doing well. How is everything back home? I miss you both very much and cannot wait to visit you for the holidays. However, in the mean time I am occupied with my rigorous college schedule and academics. I used to think that high school was difficult and that once I got into college I would be a free bird. I was so wrong. Ever since college has started it is so difficult for me to manage my academics, quizzes, extra curricula’s, my job, sleep and my social life which is almost dead by now. The academics take the largest fraction of my time and I have such less time to enjoy myself and talk to my friends and family. It’s not all bad though, I enjoy working on engineering projects and meeting professionals from well known companies. It gives me the exposure that I was never able to attain in high school.

Although for now I can’t wait to visit the whole family in the holidays, especially you two. Take care!

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Your grandson

Letter to Parents for Shifting Campus

Format Of Notice Letters To Parents To Inform Them about Changing Location Of School due to various personal reasons

Notice To Parents For Changing Campus

Dear Parents,

It is to inform you that due to construction of this building we are shifting the school to DHA branch. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused. Classes will begin from next Monday that is 24th june,2017. It is advised to visit the campus in order to avoid any inconvenience. Please note that timings are also revised that is from 8 am to 2 pm Mon-Thur and 8 am till 12 pm Friday. Thank you



Lacas school system

Letter to Parents for Shifting Campus

 Dear Parents,

I hope you both are doing well. I am fine too. Yesterday was my last exam of 2nd Semester and it went quite well. I am hoping for a 3.00+ GPA. Now that I am done with this semester and am free for 4 months, I will be working full time to save up money for my 2nd year tuition fee.

In the last letter I told you that I will apply for a transfer to Melbourne campus as Sydney is very noisy and from what I have heard Melbourne is very peaceful and quite as compare to this city. You both know how I loved silence and calmness from the beginning. Old habits die hard, right? Luckily, my application for the transfer has been approved and I will be moving out a week before the start of my new semester. I do not want to move now because I am familiar with the areas here and I already have job so I do not want to miss any opportunity to save up money for the university expenses.

I miss you guys a lot. I am planning to come back to Pakistan this winter for a whole month. I am really excited. Please take care of your health and give lots of love to my young brother. Tell him that I will bring lots of toys for this time.

Lots of Love,

Fatima Aamir

Letter to Parents for Shifting Campus

Dear Father,

How are you? I hope you are doing well.  How is everything back at home? I am writing this letter to inform you and mother that I am shifting my college campus. The past year has been very troublesome for me and I did not mention it to you or mother because I didn’t want you to worry. Now, I have finalized and arranged everything and this is why I am telling you. I was not happy with my current college campus due to many reasons. It was crowded, always noisy and very unclean. The area my college is in is much polluted and the environment was affecting my productivity. The professors were not academically professional and there were many courses that were not being offered in this campus. The labs did not have proper, adequate equipment and the dorm rooms were pathetic as well. My new college campus is the complete opposite and absolutely beautiful.

I hope you will understand my decision and support me. I will send pictures of my new college campus soon. Take care!

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Your son

Letter to Parents for Shifting Campus

Dear Mom and Dad,

My experience at Ellenville Campus has been extremely difficult. I am constantly berated and bullied. My teachers are not helpful at all.  I am in a rigorous program where they give tons of work but hardly teach you how to do it. They are rude to me and I am really wasting my time at this institute where students’ education is not valued.

I ask that you allow me to shift campuses; I have truly had enough of this.

Your Son, James

Letter to Parent for Not Attending School Meetings

Letter To Parents, Guardians by Principal Informing Them About Change In Time Of Meeting And Requesting Them To Be Present This Time.

Request Letter To Parents Informing Them About Upcoming Meeting


Mr. John Smith

Respected sir,

We are writing this letter to inform you that we have set another time slot for the meeting with the teacher regarding the performance of your child, keeping in mind your issue for which you were not able to attend the previous meeting. Parents’ teacher meetings are very important in order to keep a check on the student’s performance as well as to main the collaboration between the school and parents.  Kindly mark the given below schedule.

Thursday 9:00, senior wing staff room.



Oxford grammar school

Letter to Parent for Not Attending School Meetings

Dear Mr.

The staff is disappointed to see your negligence towards the education of your child. You have not visited the school for a long time. You were absent in the last Parents-Teachers Meeting. Sir, the meetings are arranged to fill the communication gap between the teachers and parents so that the problems could be discussed on an official platform. Your presence in such meetings is most important for the better education of your child.

I want to discuss some issues regarding your child. I request you to kindly visit the school in this week.

You are also requested to pay heed to the school notices and communicate with the teachers regularly.

Letter to Parent for Not Attending School Meetings

Respected Parent,

This is to inform you that last week on Saturday, 25th September 2018, 2nd Parents Teacher Meeting of the academic year 2018-2019 was held at The City School, Ravi Campus.

The forms very mailed to the house addresses of students in our Student Data and texts were sent to the parent’s number too. However, we did not receive any acknowledgement from you by email or texts. A call was even made from Admin office to ensure that you are aware of the meeting but there was no response. We usually do not persist on parents coming to the Parents Teacher Meeting but many complaints have been received from the subject teachers along with the school‘s staff regarding your child: Ahmed Ali.

I understand that parents are usually busy that they cannot take out time for attending the meeting but I request you to kindly respond to our letter and let us know whenever your schedule is free so that we can set up meeting of the specific teachers and the headmaster with you. They will let you know about the complaints and current academic situation of your son.

I hope to get a positive response from you. You may contact me for further queries or information.

Best Regards,

A level Administration

The City School

Letter to Parent for Not Attending School Meetings

 To parent,

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing well. It has been brought to my notice that you have not been attending any school meetings since the past year and this issue concerns me deeply. Your child Amna is a delightful child, but the teachers have been noticing for the past month that her grades have been declining and her participation in class has reduced. It is important that parents take an active part within the school community. They should be aware with how well their child is doing in school and keep a check on their behavior. As a working man myself I can understand that life gets very busy and it is hard to manage everything with such limited time but children and their best interests should be our first priority. It is important that we do not neglect them or their needs due to our work. I hope I will see you in the next meeting that is being arranged so that we can discuss Amna’s behavior and her participation in class. If you feel the timings of the meeting do not suit your schedule you may contact the number given below and arrange a meeting accordingly.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

10th October 2018

Contact: _______

Letter to Parent for Not Attending School Meetings

To: Mrs. Anderson
Fort Myers, Florida, United States

I hope you are doing well. I have noticed that you have not attended the last 3 school meetings. These meetings are very important, we urge all parents to come so that they may meet the teachers and know the teachers expectations for their children. We believe parents should know every aspect of their child’s education to prevent any disputes in the future.

I kindly request you to come to all future school meetings.

Thank you,
Principal Lee – Fort Myers Public School
Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Application for Reporting of Teacher Absence in Class

Sample complaint letter to school principal/ headmaster about teacher absence in class by parents or by students.

Application for Reporting Of Teacher Absence in Class

The Headmistress, Lawrence School

Respected madam,

With all my respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that my son John Shawn, Class 3 B

Is having some problems in his studies and this is due to the absence of his teacher from the class. This is very unprofessional that students are facing such problems. If teacher is not available then a substitute should be sent to the class in order to maintain the balance. I was not expecting such behavior from a very reputed school. I request you to arrange a substitute teacher until you find someone. I hope you will consider my request.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Maria Shawn

Complaint Letter about Teacher Absence in Class

Student Name

Roll no

Respected headmistress!

I have a complaint to report from the last month the teacher is not coming in our mathematics class. She may have come for about two days in the whole last month and even before that she started to come less and less. Now finals are due in a couple of months and we have not even covered the basic portion of our curriculum.

I am a hardworking student and I am aiming for scholarship to get to a good college which is only possible if there is a teacher present in the class to teach. I hope you take an action immediately to either talk to the teacher or replace her so that we can continue our studies in peace.



Reporting of Teacher Absence in Class

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I want to report about our Biology teacher, she’s not coming in class from about 2 days, as you know these are the final days and we are left with many topics. We want you to please arrange any other teacher because we are facing so much difficulty in solving questions.

Please do this as soon as possible. It would be a huge favor.


Hashim Ali

Application for Teacher’s Absence in Class

Dear principal,

With due respect, I am writing this application on the behalf of my whole class to let you know that our math’s teacher do not come every day and even she comes late always. It’s been happening since our session has started and we all tired of this kind of behavior. It’s a request from all of us to please change our teacher or tell her to come on time. Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,


Application for Late Fee Submission

Application for late fee submission in school, college, university, academy, bank or government offices.

Application for Late Fee Submission

The headmistress, English grammar school

Respected madam,

With due respect, I beg to say that my husband lives overseas and he send us money on monthly basis but this month due to some lose in business he will send us money by the end of next month. For that reason I have not submitted the school fee of my children this month. I request you to allow them to come to school and I assure you that by the end of next month I will submit all the dues. I shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. John Hudson

Application for Late Fee Submission

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to state that my fee submission due date is 10th September. I am having financial crisis due to which I won’t be able to pay my dues on time. For which I would like to request to registration office to extend due date till 25th September. It will give me enough time to gather the amount for fee.

Kindly extend my due dates till 25th September.

Thank You
Yours obediently

Justin Benson

Application for Late Fee Submission

Respected Sir,

I am writing this to you so that I can tell you my problem that I can’t submit my fee on 25th of this month I know it’s the last for submission, because my father lose his job this month and he can’t afford the money for fee. So its my humble request to you that Sir please allow me to submit it next month.

It would be a great source of pleasure for me.


Maria Ahmed,

Application for Late Fee Submission Due to Financial Problems

Respected Sir,

With due respect and humble submission, I beg to say that I am a student of your school in grade 7. I have not paid my school fees for the month of October. Today I have brought my fee to pay. This delay has been due to the illness of my father and some financial issues/problems in my home.

Therefore, I pray and hope that you would be kind enough to remit my late payment fine and oblige. I will be very thankful to you.

Yours obediently,

Ali imam

Roll no 12

Late Fee Submission Application

Respected sir/ ma’am,

With due respect I am writing this to inform you that, as I belong to a middle class family our expenses are covered by the salary of my brother and my father’s pension. This month all the salary of my brother went for bills and grocery, and my father pension is late.

For this regards I want you to know that I will pay my fee a bit late this month kindly accept my fee without fine. I will be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,


Sample Letter to Parents about Fee Increase

Sample Letter to Parents about Fee Increase. Tuition increase letter to parents. Daycare tuition increase letter. Sample letter explaining tuition increase.

Sample Letter to Parents about Fee Increase

Miss Margret,
North Carolina,

Dear Madam,

It is to inform you that the school accounts committee has decided to increase the fee for 8th and 10th standard in annual meeting on account of the new policy introduced by government.  According to the new policy, there will be 20% increase in fee for 8th and 10th standard.

As both of your kids are in 8th standard so this policy is applicable to you too. You are directed to pay the fee of next month according to the new policy with 20% increase in the actual fee.

Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,


Letter to Parents about Fee Increase

Mr. Mark Baker,

Respected sir,

Hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to remind you about the agreement we had that after every year my tuition fee will be increased 10%. As I have completed 1 year and I have provided you the best result of your son, I request you to increase my fee. I shall be really thankful to you. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Hanna Martin

Email Letter to Parents about Fee Increase

To Mr. & Mrs. Norman

Dear Parents,

I would like to inform you that your child fee has been increased. Kindly check the attached fee voucher and pay dues on time. Further, if you have any inquiries regarding fee please contact Miss. Samantha. Her email address has been mentioned below.

Thank You for your time.


HR department

Letter to Increase Tuition Fees to Parents

To all parents,

I am writing to you all because due to some very big budget cuts from the government will cause us to make a very drastic change to the tuition fees this coming year. I am regretful to inform you that we have had no choice but to increase the tuition fees thanks to major budget cuts to our already low funding from the government.

Off course we do understand that some if you are reliant on our help and some if you are struggling already at the moment with the fees but please understand there is nothing the college can do as its all down to the government and in their hands. We as a college will try our very best to help however we can in the best way that we can. Many thanks for understanding.

Kind regards,


Letter for Increase Tuition Fees

Respected Sir,

This letter is to inform you that, I am going to increase the tuition fee of your children, as you know at new session I increase the fees. So before starting the new session this is my duty to inform about this change. So kindly receive new challan form from our admission office and submit the fees till 27th of this month.



Amjad Ahmed

Letter to Parents from Hostel

Sample  letter to your mother telling her why you dislike hostel life? Letter to your mother describing your new experiences in a boarding school. Letter to your father describing your life and activities in the hostel.

Letter to Parents from Hostel

Mr. and Mrs. Akram,
Stuart Road,
Riga, Latvia

Dear Parents,

I hope that you are reading this letter in good health. I also hope that you all are doing well at home. I am glad to inform you that I have completed my postgraduate study with high grades. This is one of my greatest achievements which could not have accomplished without your financial, moral and flexible support and assistance. Moreover, the graduation ceremony is also going to be conducted by the department of my university soon. It would be a proud moment for me, and this can be made even greater if you both could join it.

Along-with all happening these days, my stay at my hostel has been extended due to some research work on some external work projects. A few of the companies have hired me for two months each, so I might not act according to the previously scheduled program of coming back home right after my graduation. I hope it would not affect the daily routines and plans especially regarding my matters over there.

I would be looking forward to your kind response.

Kind Regards,

Nouman Zaib

Letter to Mother Requesting for Winter Clothing

Dear mother,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. I am also fine.

I have finished my midterm exams and I am expecting a good result. I told you in my last letter that this winter I will not come home because of my final year project and as you know last time I forgot to bring my one bag having my winter clothes as now winters are approaching and I don’t have any clothes and it is already cold here.

I request you to send my bag to my hostel. I am busy these days and cannot come to pick it up so please ask brother to drop it at my hostel. Please take good care of your health and pray for me and my success. Love you

Yours truly,

Mary Merchant

Letter to Parents from Hostel

Dear parents,

It’s delighted to right you after a long time. Hope you all are in good health. Hope mom is taking all her medicines on time. I know I stayed very busy in exams and i couldn’t find time to write to you, Sorry for that.

But now I am free from exam, I would like to visit home in coming weekend. So exhausted from my hostel life .Hostel food is not delicious at all. Miss my mom’s food.

Hope to see you all in coming week. Till then take care.

Love, Your only daughter

Letter to Mother for Her Giving Winter Clothes

To my wonderful mother,

Hey mum, how are you doing? Hope you are fine there I know it’s been awhile since we last saw each other but you know how work is. It keeps me traveling. Anyways I’m good and missing you. I hope you can try and understand. I was wondering if you could send me some winter clothes as I literally have none. You know me I’m a summer girl. Winter is here and my work is mainly outdoor based so. II would really appreciate it.

Love you loads and see you soon mum.

Your loving daughter,

Client’s name

Letter to Parents Asking for Money

Sample letter to parents to ask for fees and pocket money from abroad, hostel, boarding facility etc.

Letter to Parents Asking for Money

Dear Parents,

I have to inform you that the due date to submit the fees is very near. I have been warned by the administration to submit the fees in 2 days otherwise I would not be allowed to sit in the class which would eventually affect my grades. I have been lazy enough to not inform you about the required fees before and now I feel guilty. Kindly send me $1000 so I can pursue my studies with sheer determination. I promise to not let you down. Thank you

Your loving son,

Daniel Faraday

Sample Letter to Parents for Money

Dear Mom & Dad,

I hope you are doing well and all brothers and sisters are well too. I am also doing well but I miss you very much in my hostel. As you know I have passed my first year examination and now I have to submit my fees for the second year which is Rs. 10000/. The last date of submission is 12.10. Please send me the required amount as soon as possible via easy paisa or please deposit it in my bank account online so that I can submit my fees before the due date.

I hope you will send me money soon. I will come to see you all in a few days on the occasion of Eid. Please pay my regards to everyone at home.

Yours Son,

Abid Saleem

Letter to Parents Asking for Extra Money

The Parents

Dear Parents,

I hope it finds you well and healthy. Purpose of writing this letter is to inform you that I have run short of money. Due to some unexpected expenditure, I have spent all of my credit. Due date for payment of my college fees is close and I do not have enough money to pay for it. Moreover, I have to pay for my hostel bills too.

I am therefore asking for some extra money in time of need.



Letter to Father Asking Money for Trip

Dear Dad,

I hope you are doing great in health, I am good too. Today I am writing this to you so that I can ask for some money. Dad my trip is going to Verul and I need Rs.4000 for that, as my whole class is going on the trip and I want to go there too, I know it’s end of the month and you have less money at the end of the month but I need it, last year you have promised me that you will give me money for trip next year.

Last date for submission of money to tourism club is 24th of august. So please send me money before 24th so that I can submit it.

Love you.
Take care,


Letter to Father Asking Money for College Trip

 Dear Father,

How are you and mother doing? I am fine too. I just got done with my second semester of second year and did quite well in them and am hoping for a good GPA. What about little Fatima’s result? She was supposed to get it by the end of month, right?

I sent this letter to ask for money for my university trip. During the winter break, which is after 2 weeks, our batch is going to Murree for 6 days. The university will be arranging the conveyance and book the hotel in which we will be staying. However, I have to pay an amount of PKR 20,000 to the university in which the meals will also be included. You know how I loved going to the northern areas from the beginning. This trip will also act as mind freshener and I can start the new semester with a renewed ardor. The deadline to pay the money is 23rd September 2018. I have attached the form with the letter which contains all the details of the trip.

I hope you send me the money by the deadline. Take care of yourself and mama and give lots of love to little Fatima.

With love,

Ali Noor

Letter to Father Asking Money for College Trip

Dear Father,

I hope you and the rest of the family are doing well, and I am hoping to visit home again within the next month.
Our class is going on a long tour for a week from October 18th to October 21st. We will be exploring the northern areas and we will be doing various different activities such as canoeing and swimming.
This will be a very great and enjoyable experience for me; the fee for this trip is $100. Please send the amount to my bank account before the 18th. Thank you very much.

Your Son

Letter to Father Asking Money for College Trip

Dear Father,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. How is everything at home? I am writing this letter to ask of you a small favor. After an academically challenged and stressful semester my college has decided to arrange a field trip for the batch. It is on the 27th of October and we will be accompanied by our teachers and batch mates. Our journey will begin from Islamabad and we will go all the way till Kashmir. We will have a bonfire night and will return back to Islamabad after a three day stay. I had been saving money from my job for this trip but it is still not enough. I was hoping if you could give me some money so I can pay the field trip fee and enjoy this trip with my friends.

I will be waiting for your letter, sending much love to you and mom. Take care!

Best Regards.

Bilal Ali

Your son

Letter to Father for Asking Money For trip



Dear father,

I hope that you find this letter at best of your health. The main reason to write this letter is to inform you that my head of department has arranged a field trip to salt mines. As you know I am a student of environment studies. In this subject, the more exposure you get the more educated you are. I have always loved to go on trips but this trip is something different from the rest of trips as it is not only a fun trip. This is basically a study trip where we will be going to see the practical of what we have already studied. The main target that will be covering the trip guideline is atmosphere of salt ranges, formation of salt rocks, structure of salt rocks and the atmosphere of mines. We will be conducting some experiments with the pure form of salt there. We will also be visiting Potohar plateau. I have always been curious towards plateaus and I am really eager to see them in real. The amount to pay for this trip is 3000. The trip is one day including 2 times meal and experiment apparatus being provided to us. I know the amount is a bit high for you to pay but this is really an important chance which cannot be missed. The late date to submit the trip charges is in next week. So kindly send me this amount before than that so I can pay it on time and get me name booked before the slots end.

Convey my greetings to all at home.



Invitation Letter to Invite Parents Abroad

Sample invitation letter to parents inviting them to visit your abroad. This letter can be used to process visa applications in embassy etc.

Invitation Letter to Invite Parents to USA

Western USA,

Dear Mother and Father,

I hope you are doing well but I know that you must be missing me badly as I am missing you guys a lot and I am being homesick too. It is becoming very difficult to live without you guys as I keep on thinking about you both as I know that old age is affecting both of you.

The weather in Utah is very pleasant, and it is a very lush green area and also has interesting spots to visit. I know you must tired of hot weather and blazing heat in Pakistan. Why don’t you try coming to Utah, USA? It will be a very nice trip. So, now I want you both to pack your bags and come to Utah. I will wait for you guys and this time no refusals. I will also send you the tickets. Hope to see you soon.

Your Daughter,


Invitation Letter to Parents Abroad


Dear mom and dad!
Hi. How are you?

Hope you find this letter in good health. First of all I want you guys to know I miss you so much. If there is one thing that is not available in New York that is my parents. I know I came here on a temporary job basis and it was supposed to be a year or two but recently I have been offered a job from one of the top firms in Manhattan which I have accepted and I was hoping for you people to come and live with me here.

I know what you must be thinking that your whole life is there, our home, our relatives but I really want my folks to come and live with me in one of the most amazing cities ever. You can come live with me and if still does not feel right to you; you can always go back but first let’s give it a try. You can come and reside with me I have been give a huge luxury apartment and your visa paperwork is no issue also I can get the whole procedure don in maximum six months.

Hope to hear back from soon and hope to hear it with a yes.

Your son,


Invitation Letter to Your Parents

London, UK,

Dear Father and Mother,

I hope you are okay. I want to say that I want both of you to come and meet me in the UK. I cannot come by myself to meet you because of so much workload. And also, coming to UK and meeting me would also be a good change for both of you. I wish to see you soon as I miss both of you immensely.

I wish to see both of you soon. Pay my regards to brother Jero and sister De Burca as well.

Your Son,